Opening the doors to The Royal Mint!

Plans are in place to develop a visitor experience at The Royal Mint. Thanks to contributory funding from the Welsh Government a new Visitor Centre will be built at the site in South Wales. On completion in 2015, The Royal Mint will open a visitor centre to the general public for the first time in a 1,000 year history!

royal mint visitor centre

The visitor experience will provide a much-anticipated look behind the high-security doors of The Royal Mint – Britain’s oldest manufacturer and the world’s largest export mint! Visitors will have the opportunity to take a tour of The Royal Mint to see just how the coins they use every day are made. On top of that a range of static and interactive exhibitions in the new Visitor Centre will add to an experience topped off by the chance to strike your very own coin!

With over 1,000 years of manufacturing and a museum on-site with more than 80,000 artefacts the new visitor experience provides an opportunity to explore the in-depth history behind the coins and medals The Royal Mint make.

Opened by The Queen herself on 17th December 1968, The Royal Mint moved to the purpose-built site in Llantrisant following 157 years at Tower Hill, London. The need to move to a larger site was recognised in the 1950’s but it was the task of decimalising UK currency that prompted the eventual move.

Development of the visitor experience is scheduled to begin this Spring and is expected to be completed in 2015. If you are interested in following the developments of the visitor experience you can register your interest at to receive future updates by email.

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  • Richard Stubley

    Can we be the first through the door?

  • Sue Edworthy

    Pure delight ! This will be a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience . Thousands will be able to visit and enjoy all onsite , especially the museum … will you be able to keep us addicts out though ?????

  • paul

    I came to your mint in an artic veh and container many years ago, could you please tell me if it is on the same site, and if you included it, when you visit the new building you are doing now, I just loved being there and when I exchanged my money for cardboard money when you let us into your canteen, hahaha, paul, god bless you all, and thankyou.

  • Stephen

    Can we register for visiting on opening day?

  • Zorach Gehl

    Fantastic idea.
    You should also do something in London and perhaps in one or two major Scottish and Irish cities.
    Good luck,
    Zorach Gehl

  • Michele Blagg

    Great! You need to know about my PhD research on Royal Mint Refinery! Next door neighbour to the Royal Mint for over 100 years!

  • Lawrence Chard

    You need to start checking your facts before publishing incorrect information Daniel.
    I can clearly remember having a visitor tour of the London Mint in the 1960’s when it was still in Royal Mint Street, London. I cannot remember whether it was free, or there was an admission charge, but such visits were readily available to any and all; I went as a tourist, not as a numismatist. No special arrangements were necessary; these visits were open to the general public.
    Also I believe that the Llantrisant facility was open for the public to visit for the first few months or years after it opened; but this was stopped due to understandable health, safety, and insurance concerns.
    I also had a private tour in 2000, when we started buying newly minted bullion sovereigns from you. I think it was on this occasion that I was reminded about the previous Llantrisant tours.
    The good people at you Historical Services Department can almost certainly confirm this for you.

    • Daniel Oliver

      Thank you for your email Lawrence. Taken from the press release, the wording of the sentence wasn’t to suggest that The Royal Mint has never been open to the public before, this is the first time a purpose-built tourist attraction will open the doors to the mint. I am indeed aware that people have been able to previously tour The Royal Mint, both at the site in Llantrisant and at Tower Hill. I’d like to thank you for your comment, it’s not the first to highlight this – I have now changed the opening paragraph to hopefully be a bit clearer. Thanks again, Daniel.

      • Lawrence Chard

        Dear Daniel,
        I am impressed by the speed of your response.
        As I do not, for some reason (!), receive copies of RM press releases, I often find myself guessing what you many or may not have said.
        I also wrote to the Mussels at Token Publishing to alert them to the item on page 8 of the June issue of Coin News. I only found your blog post while checking the Llantrisant opening date, which turned out to be 1968 rather than 1969.
        We also noticed one of our less experienced and less knowledgeable competitors parroting the same incorrect information in an attempt to appear experts!
        We make mistakes too, and for years we have offered a pint as a reward for anyone spotting what we call the deliberate error on our websites. You would be welcome to take us up on our offer.