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The Royal Mint is one of the world’s oldest companies. The Sovereign is the oldest bullion coin still manufactured to this day. However, The world’s leading export Mint is still able to bring innovation to the bullion market.

New bullion coins and storage options announce our intent to become a serious player in the market. Watch our video to find out more.

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The history of UK Bullion Coins – Sovereign and Britannia

Although The Royal Mint is enjoying a new focus on bullion, UK bullion coins have hundreds of years of history.

The Royal Mint’s 1,100 year history of producing fine coins make it uniquely placed to offer bullion buyers the security and reassurance that they demand.

The origin of UK bullion, The Gold Sovereign

Quality assured by Act of Parliament, the first gold Sovereign was struck in 1489 by order of King Henry VII and took its name from the regal portrait of the Monarch that appeared on its obverse – a tradition that is observed to this day.
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The Royal Mint expands into the bullion market

Designing and producing coins has been at the heart of The Royal Mint’s responsibilities for over 1,000 years. Here Bullion Sales Manager Nick Bowkett outlines The Royal Mint’s new strategies, designed to help meet increased demand for bullion coins.

Nick Bowkett watches bullion coins being minted

Nick Bowkett watches bullion coins being minted

“2012 promises to be a significant year for the business for two reasons,” explains Nick. “Firstly, our commemorative coin products place us at the heart of the celebrations of two of the greatest events in our nation’s history – London 2012 and The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Secondly, we will be expanding into the bullion market with our product offering – a hugely significant move forward for The Royal Mint as it’s a new strategic direction for us.”

Whilst 2012 brings with it a new focus on the bullion market, a move into producing and supplying bullion coins is not a completely new phenomenon for The Royal Mint, as you would expect from a company with over 1,000 years of history in crafting coins. Designing and producing coins of the realm has been its business for many years, but the real jewel in its crown is the Sovereign – one of the most universally recognised coins to ever be struck.

Acknowledged globally and accepted as currency in more than 20 countries across the world, the Sovereign is the ‘king of coins’ whether it is bought for sentimental reasons or investment. “For centuries, particularly during times of economic uncertainty or financial insecurity, people have turned to gold, and gold coins in particular. The fact that we are seeing an increasing demand for our bullion Sovereign – and Britannia coins – suggests that gold’s stability remains as compelling as ever,” continues Nick.

Freshly minted Royal Mint Britannia bullion coins

Freshly minted Royal Mint Britannia bullion coins

“We already have a client base of private individuals, leading banks, advisors and dealers from the bullion marketplace,” says Nick, “but 2012 will see us take a proactive approach to acquiring new customers through developing our bullion strategy, and refining everything from products to packaging in order to keep our Sovereign and Britannia coins at the forefront of quality for the world’s bullion markets.”

As part of The Royal Mint’s growth plans into bullion, a new specification Britannia bullion 1oz gold (99.99% purity) and silver (99.9% purity) has been devised, creating a more refined product. We have also reviewed our packaging, moving from blisters to more durable tubes for easy storage and convenience. Longer-term developments include a precious metal vaulting facility for bullion customers to store coins purchased from us. The Royal Mint is a highly secure facility guarded by the MOD Police, so this will provide a unique and ideal storage option for those who want to protect their gold in the best way possible.”

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