The Royal Mint Coronation 5oz and Kilo Coins

For particularly momentous occasions, The Royal Mint strikes 5oz and Kilo coins.

These coins are large, precious metal coins with specially commissioned artwork designed to take advantage of the coin’s dimensions.

The 2013 Coronation 5oz coin has been designed by Jonathan Olliffe, who was one of the people who won the competition to design a London 2012 50p. His design features Westminster Abbey as the backdrop with the Sovereign’s Orb and the Sceptre with Cross, in the foreground. The coin’s design captures the majesty of the occasion and the impressive architecture of the location.

Coronation 5oz coin

The Coronation kilo

Experienced heraldic engraver, John Bergdahl has produced the Coronation Kilo. Featuring the regalia of the Coronation and the gold St Edward’s Crown against a  background of interwoven national symbols, this coin is highly evocative of the auspicious events of 2nd June 1953.

The Royal Mint kilo coin
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The Diamond Jubilee Kilo coin from The Royal Mint

When a grand coin containing a full kilo of gold was authorised in celebration of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, it gave us a unique opportunity to do something truly special.

Such a coin must bear designs that reflect the splendour of the occasion, but also capture our rich royal heritage and go forward in time as symbolic of the nation during The Queen’s reign.

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Silver Kilo

When an opportunity like this comes along, we seek out the world’s finest talents to provide their input. In this case we turned to Ian Rank-Broadley, the artist and sculptor
who has already provided several outstanding numismatic portraits of The Queen – most famously the faithful likeness that now graces millions of coins worldwide.

An exceptional opportunity – a real challenge.
Ian Rank-Broadley

The kilo is a flagship coin, limited to only 60 pieces in gold and 1,000 in silver. Each coin is struck with the highest levels of precision. Gold coins come in a wooden case made from sweet chestnut taken from the trees of the Great Windsor Park, the crown estate of Windsor Castle, one of The Queen’s private homes. The silver coins are presented in a royal blue case that perfectly complements the metal.

While many people will be denied the opportunity to own a coin of this stature, the same standards of craftsmanship and quality are applied to all our products, from the coins in your pocket to commemoratives in base and precious metal.

If you are interested in purchasing a kilo coin, you can make enquiries through The Royal Mint website at the link below.

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee kilo from The Royal Mint