The Royal Mint’s UK coin circulation figures – correct at August 2012

Traditionally, we have always published our coin circulation figures once a year. Recently though, we have been able to access the figures on a monthly basis. To take advantage of this we’ve tried to make the figures more accessible by putting them into an infographic.

Does it help you understand the numbers? Have you got any ideas for future versions? Did you know there are nearly 500 coins in circulation for every person in the UK? Does this help you understand why London 2012 Sports 50ps are fairly rare even though there are 50,000,000 of them?

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  • Riley

    What exactly is considered “others” by the Royal Mint?

    • Hi Riley, I was hoping someone would ask that question :D

      ‘Others’ include old coins like the big 50ps, old style £2, 10p and 5p coins, and even some older pre-decimal ones. It can also include coins returned from abroad, and sometimes our commemorative £5 coins too.

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  • Crazy figures! Very interesting ready. Thanks to whoever took the time to make that diagram.

  • Michael

    Why were a disproportionate amount of 5p pieces redeemed during the period? The redeemed 5p equates to approximately 90% of those returned.

    • That would be the old style 5ps coming back in to be replaced by our new greener ones. All the metal we receive back is recycled of course.

  • Bill Evans

    I have a number of ‘other’ coins such as ‘old bigger’ 50ps etc including some old 6p coins. Banks and P O’s are reluctant to accept them in any amounts, Any ideas of how to return them?

    • Hi Bill, we receive these from various sources and we recycle them, but we don’t offer a public exchange service I’m afraid!