29 Weeks of British Olympic and Paralympic sports – Week 22: Tennis

Tracy Baines, from Peterborough, designed the Tennis 50p!

The Royal Mint London 2012 50p Tennis coin

Tracy originally trained as a jewellery designer. Later, after gaining a degree in theatre, set and costume design, she worked in the film industry – sculpting and designing sets. Tracy is now an aspiring children’s writer and has had her first book shortlisted in high-profile competitions.

About Tennis

Heres’ the summary from the official Team GB Tennis website:

A sport that has been around since the Middle Ages, Tennis is a raquet and ball game that can be played either in singles or doubles over five sets (for men) or three sets (for women).

Tennis has evolved into a truly high profile international sport with the top players some of the highest profile sportsman and women in the world earning millions of pound in prize money. In the Olympics however, they play only for medals, like every other athlete.

Find out more about Tennis

Lawn Tennis Association website

British Tennis on Twitter

Official British Tennis on Facebook

Get the Tennis 50p

Modern Pentathlon 50p from The Royal MintWe featured Tennis as one of the UK’s 29 official London 2012 50p designs!

You can buy the Tennis 50p from The Royal Mint website.






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