29 Weeks of British Olympic and Paralympic sports – Aquatics

About Aquatics

Aquatics consists of four disciplines –

  1. Swimming
  2. Synchronised Swimming
  3. Diving
  4. Water Polo

Between Saturday 28th July and Sunday 12th August 2012 the sports will be held at the purpose built Aquatics Centre, with the 10K marathon swim taking place at the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park.

Once the Olympics are over, you will be able to swim at the Aquatics centre yourself, and it should cost the same as your local pool!


Swimming is a sport that is perfectly suited to the British climate, as it’s mostly done indoors! As a result, we have a very strong team which includes double Olympic medallist Rebecca Adlington and 11 time Paralympic champion Dave Roberts as well as a mix of younger talent and experienced medal winners.

View the entire British Swimming team here

Synchronised Swimming

Synchronised swimming blends swimming with gymnastics and dance and requires a unique combination of skills including strength, stamina and of course breath control. In the Olympics, it is only open to women but other competitions do allow men…so don’t be put off taking it up! It became an official Olympic sport in 1984.

View the GB synchronised swimming team here


Diving is the most spectacular of all the Aquatic sports and the team includes three time Young Sports Personality of the year winner Tom Daley who specialises in the 10m platform dive.

View the entire diving team here

Water polo

If you’ve ever played water polo, you’ll know that moving through water at speed whilst concentrating on playing a ball game is a real challenge. it’s the first time a men’s team will represent Britain in water polo for more than 50 years, so the boys have already made an incredible achievement!

View the British water polo teams here

Keep up to date with the British teams

The Aquatics 50p

We’ve Tweeted the athletes above to see what they think of the Aquatics 50p coin! Hopefully they like it, and perhaps they’ll even let us know how they feel. Good luck to the British team and all the other athletes from around the world who are competing in the Aquatics event.

You can buy the Aquatics coin for £2.99 plus P&P from The Royal Mint store

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