29 Weeks of British Olympic and Paralympic sports – Week 10: Equestrian

The Equestrian 50p was designed by Tom Babbage.


We sent Tom our three questions, and here’s what he had to say:

Have you seen your coin ‘in the wild’ yet?

No, I moved to China in March of last year and my coin wasn’t out then. I saw a lot of fencing coins in Preston though. A friend of mine in London has found one though.

Have you heard what the British team think about it?


What are you looking forward to in 2012?

I will be moving to Xi’an in China, home of the Terracotta Warriors and ancient capital of China. (Xi means west. Bei mean North and Jing means capital, so Beijing is northern capital!)

We think the Equestrian coin is a beauty – there aren’t enough coins with horses on, although the Royal Mint’s most famous coin features one.

You can buy the Equestrian collectable coin pack from our website or for the ultimate 50p collector, there’s the London 2012 silver 50p collection

About Team GB

In an Olympic Games there are three equestrian sports – dressage, eventing and showjumping. A Paralympic Games includes the one disicpline of para-equestrian dressage.

Team GBR is regarded as being one of the best in the world at both eventing and para-equestrian dressage, with the two sports winning 22 medals in Athens and Beijing between them.

(From the Team GB Equestrian website)

How to find out more about Team GB?

Team GB Equestrian – the official website includes information abou the teams, the events and lots more.

Team GB Equestrian blog – You can follow the action as it happens on the blog.

GB Equestrian on Twitter – Tweet the team!

GB Equestrian on Facebook – Connect with the team and more than 20,000 fans on Facebook.

Win an Equestrian 50p coin!

To be in with a chance of winning one of three Equestrian 50p Collector packs, just answer our question. There’s a clue in the article!


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