29 Weeks of British Olympic and Paralympic sports – Week 13: Fencing

The Fencing coin was designed by Ruth Summerfield.

We contacted Ruth and asked her our usual questions.

1) Have you seen your coin ‘in the wild’ yet?

Yes I have seen my coin in change a couple of times and each time I get a new one I get quite excited.

2) Have you heard what the British team think about it?

I have no idea what the British fencing team thinks of the coin. I hope they like it.

3) What are you looking forward to in 2012

My plans for 2012 are to win the euromillions, buy a luxury yacht and sail it to Barbados.  I am not going to the Olympic games as I could not get tickets but I will probably watch some of it on tv.

About British Fencing

Fencing is a fast, exciting and athletic sport that is very easy to pick up at any age. Younger participants use plastic or foam swords! There are clubs all over the country and you can find out more on the excellent British Fencing website.

The British Fencing website

British Fencing on Facebook

British Fencing on Twitter

Get the coin!

If you would like to get your hands on one of the Fencing 50p coins, keep checking your change or visit The Royal Mint website to buy one today!

Buy the Fencing 50p from the Royal Mint website



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