29 Weeks of British Olympic and Paralympic sports – Week 23: Table Tennis

The table tennis 50p was designed by Alan Linsdell.

table tennis 50p

Alan was very happy to respond to our usual line of questioning!

1) Have you seen your coin ‘in the wild’ yet?

I’ve had three Olympic coins in my change but other people have also passed on their coins to me so I now have 25 different ones.

2) Have you heard what the British team think about it?

I don’t know what the Olympic team think about the design. I included both the western “orthodox” grip and the oriental “penhold “grip on my design so that it would represent the world of table tennis.

3) What are you looking forward to in 2012?

I’m looking forward to the Olympics and also to the tennis. It  would be very interesting to see Roger Federer develop a double-handed backhand as I suspect this is why Nadal and Djokovic have both been able to overtake him!

About Table Tennis

Here’s an introduction from the English Table tennis website…

Table Tennis, although it is not clear, probably evolved in England descending, along with tennis and badminton, from the ancient medieval game of tennis. During the second half of the nineteenth century it was played using the names of Gossima, patented in 1891 by John Jacques and Son, and Whiff-Whaff, patented by Slazengers. The name of Ping Pong was derived as a result of the imitation of the sound made by the ball striking the table and the vellum bats that were in use. By the 1880s the game had become fashionable amongst the upper classes being played on the dining room table and in the 1890s several patents with simple rules were being registered.

By the early 1900s Ping Pong had already acquired some of its present day complexities, though it was still seen as mainly an after dinner amusement rather than a sporting activity. In an account published in 1903 participants were warned against wearing a dress suit and stiff collar for the men, and a white satin gown for the ladies – it then went on to give detailed technical advice about pimpled rubber, the penholder grip and tactics.

More on The English Table Tennis website

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The English Table Tennis website

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