29 Weeks of British Olympic and Paralympic sports – Week 6: Boccia

The Boccia 50p was designed by Justin Chung.


Sadly…unlike the other blog posts in this series…I haven’t been able to get in touch with Justin. This blog post serves a different purpose then…we must find Justin!

If you know Justin Chung, who studied at Manchester Metropolitan University and designed the Boccia 50p, please get in touch with him for us! Whoever helps us get him to answer the three questions below will win a Boccia 50p! Start hunting!

Update – We found Justin! Thanks to his friend Patty who told him we were looking for him :D

Contact us to claim your coin Patty!

Justin had this to say:

I have graduated from the ‘Manchester School of Architecture’ (It is a joint school between University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University) and I am currently working in Hong Kong for my year-out placement as an architectural assistant. In my spare time, I am a keen traveler and enjoy observing people, cities, visiting architectures and exhibitions. In my design for Boccia, I tried to capture the ‘spirit’ of the game — the distorted face and body of the players showing their ambitions for success.

1) Have you seen your coin ‘in the wild’ yet?

No, but two of my coursemates received them, one was found in a grocery shop in Manchester and the other was found in a Disney store in London. Most surprisingly, my parents told me just few weeks ago that my coin is now sold in post offices in Taiwan! I am so glad to know that my design is not only circulating in the UK but also selling internationally!

2) Have you heard what the British team think about it?

No, but I would love to know their thoughts. Sadly, I remember I saw one of the posts on their website has got my name wrong! It would be great to perhaps let them see the design and to hear in particular the opinions of the GB Boccia team.

3) What are you looking forward to in 2012?

My return to the UK of course! I miss the life and people very much. I am applying for universities at the moment, so hopefully I will be back soon for my master degree in Architecture.

I also enjoy the competition very much; it was a great experience with the Royal Mint and a ‘unique way’ to support the London Olympics and Paralympics, and I hope to be involved again in the future.

You can buy Justin’s Boccia 50p on The Royal Mint website

About GB Boccia

Now I know what you’re thinking…you’re thinking ‘Boccia? What’s Boccia?’.

We’ll rely on the description from the GB Boccia Federation (GBBF) website:

Boccia is a Paralympic sport for athletes with disabilities that have a major impact on motor skills. Boccia is a target ball sport belonging to the same family as petanque and bowls.


The GBBF was formed in 2007 with the aim of bringing together the home country agencies responsible for the delivery of elite level Boccia in Great Britain; CP Sport England and Wales, Scottish Disability Sport and Disability Sport Wales.


There are four distinct Boccia classes.

  • BC1 class athletes may have an assistant to perform actions such as handing them the boccia balls
  • BC2 class athletes require no assistance on court
  • BC3 class athletes deliver each ball by using a ramp and have a sports assistant who they instruct to position the ramp for each delivery
  • BC4 athletes often use an underhand pendulum swing to release the ball

Great Britain won Paralympic Gold in Beijing and are currently ranked number three in the World in the BC1/BC2 team event, while individual athelte Nigel Murray won Paralympic Silver in the BC2 class and is the current World number one.

It’s looking good for GB medals in London 2012…and we wish the whole team the greatest of success!

For more on GB Boccia, visit the links below!

GB Boccia Federation website

GB Boccia on Twitter

GB Boccia on Facebook

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