29 Weeks of British Olympic and Paralympic sports – Week 7: Cycling

The cycling 50p was designed by Theo Crutchley-Mack.


Theo is at a college in West Yorkshire studying art and design. He has been a dedicated cyclist from a young age and is a member of a cycling club. Theo has tried a variety of cycling styles, which is where he found the inspiration for his track cycling design.

You can keep up with what Theo’s doing on Deviant Art and YouTube, where he puts all of his biking stuff and college video assignments.

1) Have you seen your coin ‘in the wild’ yet?

Yeah, I have a part time job at Tesco that I squeeze in with my College course. I usually see it a few times a month in the tills. It’s great, and really weird handing out coins that I have designed to the customers!

2) Have you heard what the British team think about it?

No, but it would be great to find out!

3) What are you looking forward to in 2012?

Definitely leaving home and going to have my freedom at University where I hope to do a degree in Drawing at Falmouth. Also I’ll be going on an expedition to Borneo this summer which you (as The Royal Mint) so kindly helped me fund raise for! I cant wait for the experience of being somewhere so different to home and the source of inspiration in the jungle is bound to be huge for my drawing!

Theo also said,

PS. I was promised a signature from the Queen which as you can imagine I am really eager to get my hands on. Has there been any developments with this?

I don’t know anything about this Theo as it was before my time…but I’ll pass on your message :D

About GB Cycling

Cycling is a huge event and is split across the following disciplines:

BMX – Olympic Cycling’s newest event, BMX was first seen in Beijing 2008.

Mountain biking – An Olympic event since the 1990s Mountain biking is hugely popular and amazing to watch.

Road – The GB Team are amongst the world’s very best and this event will be a chance for them to shine.

Track – The GB team had amazing success in Beijing 2008…it’s all change in 2012 so what can we expect! An exciting prospect!

Paralympic – The GB Team lead the world in Paralympic cycling.

There are lots of brilliant athletes in the GB team, and you can follow many of them on Twitter including Chris Hoy, Ben Swift, Jess Varnish, Joanna Rowsell, Brad Wiggins and The Royal Mint’s local favourite Geraint Thomas!

We have a great chance of keeping a number of the Olympic cycling medals in Britain as the GB cycling team is the most successful of the past decade!

For more on British Cycling, visit the links below!

British Cycling website

British Cycling on Twitter

British Cycling on Facebook

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