50p collectors…it’s here!

We know you’ve all been waiting for this…

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The inside of the London 2012 50p Collector's Pack
The inside of the London 2012 50p Collector’s Pack

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  • Paul

    Just got mine today and ordered 2 of them as I’ve got the bug and going to keep 2 sets, One will be for general and the other I’m going to have put away for other family to keep when the time comes and I’m not about.

    This is one really nice pack and well worth the money and the wait.

    My question to the Royal Mint is what are you going to do now you have us all collecting coins???

    Maybe you should release a new set of coins with a new picture like the shield one that was done or maybe a good one is to do the old money again but in new money. The old 1p picture on the new 1p coin ect and that would be a really cool collection to have. Come on Royal Mind tell us what you are going to do next :-)