A Lucky Silver Penny for some very special babies!

I’ve had a lovely task recently – looking at copies of Birth Certificates of babies born in the UK on the same day as Prince George of Cambridge. We offered a gift of a Lucky Silver Penny to any such baby, asking for applications through our Facebook page, and the response has been phenomenal.

The Lucky Silver Penny

From the details submitted, we’ve found all sorts of interesting facts to share…

How many babies?

We don’t know the exact number of births on 22 July 2013 just yet as the Office of National Statistics publishes that only once per year, so it’s not yet available. But we do know that on average 2,000 babies are born each day in the UK, and we’re so pleased to have received 1,765 valid applications – that’s an 88.25% response – incredible!

Of these 1,765 applications, we’ve found that the number of boys has slightly out-numbered girls:

Boys = 919 and Girls = 846

If that’s the same pattern every day in 2013, girls will have their pick of boyfriends in years to come! And there’ll be many a Harry chasing an Emily, as these were the two most popular names we came across, not in fact, George’s or Georgia’s, as we expected. Lots of people used one of Prince George Alexander Louis’ names to name their baby, though.

The First – and the Last!

I was very impressed with the speed of the first application received, which was at 08.25 am on the 23rd July, the very next day! The offer was open for 60 days as we understood that new parents would be quite busy with other matters for a while, such as getting to know and care for their new baby, before getting around to registering the birth and checking Facebook. But obviously that applicant was determined not to miss out on our offer, so well done to them! On the other hand, a few left it to the last minute, six people applied during the evening of the closing date, the last one being sent at 10pm, maybe once the baby had finally settled to sleep? I hope they weren’t too stressed and their computer didn’t play up at the wrong moment, as they always do!

One applicant claimed to have had the first baby born that day, at 7 minutes past midnight in Surrey. We haven’t yet verified if that really was the first birth that day, but it may well be. Does anyone have details of a baby born even earlier that day? We also heard of babies born 1 minute before and after Prince George, and little Kate from Essex made it into the national Press, being born the very same minute – and well-named too!

Extra-special Pennies

We wondered how many multiple birth applications we’d receive, and in fact there were several sets of twins, but also one set of girl triplets. So three Silver Pennies in pink pouches will be going off to Leah, Lauren and Hannah in Essex soon, hopefully to be treasured along with all the other pink gifts. The coins, in their pink or blue pouches, will be presented in special ‘Royal’ packaging for all these lucky babies, which is a white box with silver lettering, and a certificate included that can be personalised with the baby’s name. Here’s a picture of the sample I received when it was in production, it’s really lovely.Penny Box

On their way!

All the details are now going through our system here and the Silver Pennies will soon be on their way to these special babies and their families. We have promised that they will be sent out by 18 October, and we’re really looking forward to seeing lots of happy and excited comments on Facebook as they are received! If you are a recipient or know someone who is, do please let us know on Facebook, Twitter or here, what you think when they arrive.

We consider the Lucky Silver Penny to be the most exclusive baby gift of this memorable year and hope they will be treasured by families for years to come.

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