A Silver Penny for every baby – worldwide coverage!

There’s been a huge response to The Royal Mint’s gift of a Lucky Silver Penny to UK-born babies lucky enough to share their birthdate with Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge’s Royal Baby.

Part of my job at The Royal Mint is to know who’s talking about us and where we are receiving media coverage. I thought it would be a fun thing to share, so here’s my ‘Lucky 7’ Royal Round-up of world-wide coverage of our Lucky Silver Penny promotion!

1.  Buzz 60 – USA

Presenter Kristina Behr breathes life into this by saying ‘Before the Royal Baby has yet to even breathe fresh air he/she is already bestowing a gift on Great Britain’. As the gift is limited to 2,013 Silver Pennies, she also ’feels bad for kid number 2014’, but she really doesn’t need to, as at only £28 to buy, I’m sure there’s someone who’ll love it enough to give it as a present.

Kristina also wonders how long before it ends up on eBay selling for a ‘pretty penny’. I don’t want to believe that anyone would do that!


2.  Newsy – USA

I love the fact that the title of this video refers to babies born on the same day as the Royal Baby as ‘Birthday Mates’! Jasmine Bailey talks about The Royal Mint planning to do something ‘extra special’ to commemorate the birth of the Royal heir or heiress. She quotes a local newspaper article on the age-old tradition of giving a coin to a baby for health and wealth, which is, of course, what inspired our Baby gift range. I liked her saying that even if this is no longer considered a practical gift, it sure is a pretty one!

She also speculates on the gender of Kate’s baby and her due date. Our Director of Commemorative Coin, Shane Bissett, makes a *star* appearance in an interview and Jasmine gives us some great publicity by saying ‘Don’t be sad if you’re due after the Royal couple, you can buy from the website’. Thanks Jasmine!


3. CNN report

The CNN presenter conducts a straight-talking interview with our Director, Shane in this video. In a series of very direct questions, he asks :

Who came up with this ‘Splendid idea of these Pennies and how does it work for parents-to-be?

Why is the gift limited to 2,013 – what if there are more babies than that, will you be minting some more? It’s a shame if you’re the 2,014th baby!

Why is it necessary for The Royal Mint to be relevant and why do you need to expand your remit in this way?

Shane does his usual great job, talking about us being over 1,000 years old and how we need to change to be relevant. He also cites coins as traditional gifts for significant life events – births, weddings, the tooth fairy and placing a coin under the first brick of a new house. The presenter finishes by commenting ‘How modern the Mint has become, you have to apply on their Facebook page’. He’s right on both counts there!


4. Baby items Kate may own

Presenters from the retail industry talk about baby items Kate may have purchased and how this influences sales. It focuses on the effect the Royal birth will have on UK retail and the economy. Laura Tenison refers to the UK needing a ‘Feel good’ factor this year as we didn’t have the weather (this has since changed!).

I liked the pun about 2013 being a ‘bump-er’ year, possibly yielding £243m of retail income. To illustrate this there’s a great image of £1 coins pouring into a basket, all made here, of course!

5. CNN/ UK

Book-makers are offering odds on everything from the Royal baby’s due date to its sex, name, eye and even hair colour. Imagine being the subject of all that speculation and betting! They seem to have some inside info on the due date being 16th or 17th July, giving odds as a 60/40 split on a Girl and 4/1 on Charlotte as her name. You can also bet far into the future on the name of the first Royal boyfriend or girlfriend – remember, you heard it here first!

6. Popsugar/USA

Los Angeles Entertainment Reporters, Matthew Rodrigues and Lindsay Miller excitedly talk about the world being on the edge of its seat waiting for the Royal Bundle of Joy expected by ‘Duchess Kate Middleton’. News about the baby’s title is discussed, referring to this as ‘His or Her Highness Prince or Princess of Cambridge’. Someone really should tell them there’s a ‘Royal’ missing in that!

They talk about the Lucky Silver Penny as ‘Silver Good Luck coins’ in a pink or blue pouch and I liked them calling it ‘a cool commemorative item’, making it sound contemporary and relevant.

Matthew rather worryingly comments that maybe a lot of mothers will be trying to do ‘some kind of moves’ to get their baby on the way that day so as to qualify for the gift – to any expectant Mums reading this, we’d say please don’t do that, you can buy them for only £28!

7. Twitter coverage was global!

In the USA, ‘US Weekly’ magazine (1+million Followers) and ‘TODAY’ one of the biggest morning TV shows in the USA (1.7million Followers) tweeted about the Lucky Silver Penny offer. ‘Spice Girl’ Mel B was even on the show guest presenting about it! Things also got quite ‘show-biz’ with LA Times (567k Followers) and several ‘Celeb gossip’-type tweeters in the Los Angeles and Hollywood areas joining in the conversation.

How about a Reality Show set in our Coin Production area?

Other tweets covered the whole of the USA, from Wisconsin in the North to Houston and Florida in the South. Further afield, Hello Magazine in Canada gave us great coverage and African tweets were very enthusiastic particularly in Nigeria, and Johannesburg!

Of course, via hashtags and searches I found tweets in other languages from European and Mid/Far East countries, not all of which I could understand but one I was able to reply to in the same language was from Vanity Fair magazine in Italy – here’s our exchange:

vanity fair italia tweet


That’s my quick round-up of coverage so far…things will get even more exciting when the baby arrives! For more news and to follow the progress of the Silver Penny giveaway, visit our Facebook page or come and say ‘Hello’ to me on Twitter!

Give a Lucky Silver Penny

The 2013 Lucky Silver Penny

You can buy Lucky Silver Pennies from the Royal Mint website, in pink and blue pouches, as well as in packaging for any occasion!

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