Baby and Christening gifts – Coins as part of gifting traditions

Typical gifts for a new baby tend to be practical. Nappies, blankets, bottles, clothes, and toys are eminently sensible, but they lack a sense of occasion. Many new parents find they pass on clothes, extra bottles and accumulated toys to their friends without having made any use of them.

Christenings pose a different set of problems for the unwary gift-giver. What do you buy that balances the requirement to give something appropriately traditional with something that the recipient will value? Many people know that silver plays a traditional role in bringing luck to the occasion, but what to buy? Photo frames, jewellery, spoons and napkin rings are popular…but while they can be highly attractive and of excellent quality, we feel that nothing compares to a coin.

Silver coins from The Royal Mint capture all of our 1,100 year heritage and craftsmanship. Each is year-dated making them a contemporary way to mark the occasion of the birth forever. We offer a range of coins for all occasions, from Baby Journals, to silver coins and sets. Here we list some of our favourites.

2013 My First Coins Baby Journal

2013 My First Coins Baby JournalFor a new arrival this makes a fabulous present to mark the year. It’s also a place to record key moments in the first year of life making it a keepsake to treasure forever.

Buy the 2013 My First Coins Baby Journal 

The 2013 Lucky Silver Penny

2013 Lucky Silver PennyThis simple silver gift marks the year and allows you to partake in the age-old tradition of ‘crossing the baby’s palm with silver’.

It is available in stylish packaging suitable for giving at all occasions, or in pink and blue pouches for little boys and girls to keep!

Buy the 2013 Lucky Silver Penny

The silver sixpence

The silver sixpenceFor occasions when you want to capture a vintage or traditional feel, the silver sixpence is perfect.

Struck between 1920 and 1946, these 0.500 silver sixpences are the coin spoken of in so many rhymes and stories.

Buy a silver sixpence

The 2013 Silver £1 coin

The 2013 Silver £1 coinThe £1 coin is a national icon and it’s weighty, chunky dimensions lend themselves perfectly to being reproduced in precious metals.

The coin comes in an attractive box and includes a greetings booklet for your own message.

Buy the 2013 Silver £1 coin

View more gift ideas at The Royal Mint website

There are hundreds of other products at The Royal Mint website, and there is bound to be something that is perfect for your gifting occasion. Coins are a gift that will be treasured for ever and which appeal to people from every generation. If you have never thought about giving coins before, perhaps it’s time you did.

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