Celebrating RAF100 with the Red Arrows

Formed at the birth of aviation, bringing together the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Force, the RAF was the world’s first independent air force and is recognised all over the world today for its capability, courage and innovation.

This year, we have joined forces with the RAF to mark their 100th anniversary, with a range of UK coins, celebrating the achievements of the men and women of the RAF and inspiring the next generation. The range begins with the RAF centenary badge £2 coin and continues with four aircraft.

The Red Arrows are one of the world’s premier aerobatic display teams, they are the public face of the Royal Air Force representing the speed, agility and precision. With a team made up of pilots, engineers and essential support staff, together they demonstrate the excellence and capabilities of the Royal Air Force and the skills and talent that exist within the Service.

The Red Arrows have been displaying since 1965, showcasing their synchronised, formation aerobatics to crowds across the country who gaze in awe. In the RAF’s centenary year, a new team of pilots was announced for the Red Arrows, ahead of the anniversary. We recently caught up with Red 1, Squadron Leader Martin Pert, and Red 2 Flight Lieutenant Jon Bond, to hear how they feel about the RAF centenary collection of coins and how they hope RAF100 will commemorate, celebrate and inspire in 2018.

Through the ages we have been proud to honour the men and women of the Armed Forces, and as the Royal Air Force reaches its centenary, we continue this tradition by striking an exciting series of coins for the milestone. Each £2 coin in the series celebrates the RAF’s pioneering spirit and innovation in aviation. The collection begins with their Symbol of the Skies, the RAF badge – designed by Royal Mint designer, Rhys Morgan, read our behind the design blog to find out more about the inspiration behind his design.

This article was planned with the MoD/RAF and generated before the tragic incident at RAF Valley that occurred on the 20th March. Our thoughts and feelings go to the families involved.

The additional four coins, celebrate iconic RAF aircraft – the Spitfire, Vulcan, Sea King and Lightning II – shop the series by clicking here.

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