Collecting the 2014 coins from circulation

When will we find the new coins in our change? It’s a question we are asked on a daily basis by those of you keen to continue your collections and get hold of those shiny, new designs.

As you’d imagine production of 2014 dated coins began on the turn of the year and they’ll continue to be produced right until 31 December 2014. However, accurately predicting when we’ll start to see these coins in our pockets isn’t an easy task. So I asked our circulating coin department for a bit of insight into it.

There are a number of factors that affect when a coin will enter circulation. It all depends on the denomination, how much stock there is of the previous year’s coins and if there is demand for the denomination from banks, post offices and cash centres. With that said, we have already started to see 2014 dated coins appear in circulation.

The reason there are a lot of 5p and 10p 2014 coins entering circulation at the moment is due to the alloy recovery programme that began in January 2013. It recovers cupronickel coins and replaces them with nickel-plated steel coins. As a result, 2014-dated 10p and 5p coins have been entering circulation for a little while now.

Also being issued into circulation as we speak are 1p, 2p and 20p coins dated 2014 – as all of the 2013 stock has now been cleared and there is demand for those denominations.

Now I am sure this begs another question from keen coin collectors: when will I see the 2014 commemorative designs enter circulation? It’s a question I am sure has been on the lips of many collectors since New Year’s Eve when the 2014 coin designs were announced – so I dug a little deeper:

The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games 50p

The commemorative design for the 50p this year is the Commonwealth Games design. With the Glasgow Commonwealth Games taking place from the 23 July to the 3 August wouldn’t it be nice if the 50p coin entered into circulation before then? Like the Olympic 50p coins did in 2012? Well, I can confirm that production of the commonwealth games 50p began on 25 May 2014 and they are expected to be in circulation in time for the games this summer! Coins featuring the design will continue to be produced throughout the remainder of the year, with approximately five million Commonwealth Games 50p coins expected to enter circulation. commonwealth games 50p

The 2014 floral £1 coins

This year sees the completion of the 2013/14 floral £1 coin set with the Scotland and Northern Ireland 2014 £1 coins joining the 2013 England and Wales floral £1 coins already in circulation. According to mintage figures, 5,100,000 England and 4,930,000 Wales coins entered circulation in 2013 – with similar amounts of the Scotland and Northern Ireland coins expected to enter circulation in 2014. We can expect to find the 2014 floral £1 coins in circulation towards the end of summer. floral1pounds

The Outbreak of War £2 coin

This year there are two commemorative £2 coin designs entering circulation. The first commemorates the Outbreak of the First World War, as The Royal Mint begins its five year commemoration of the 100th anniversary. This £2 coin will not enter circulation until autumn this year – with stock of the 2013 designs still waiting to enter circulation. You may find that the 2013 London Underground £2 coins are a lot easier to come by in the coming weeks and months! outbreakofwar2pound

The Trinity House £2 coin

The second £2 commemorative design entering circulation this year is the Trinity House £2 – commemorating the 500th anniversary of Trinity House. Like the ‘outbreak of war’ £2 coin, the Trinity House £2 is expected to enter circulation in autumn, following the distribution of the remaining 2013 £2 coins. trinityhouse2pound

So there is still a short wait before you will find the new designs in your change and be able to add them to your official Great British Coin Hunt folders! If you can’t wait any longer, all commemorative designs are already released in Brilliant Uncirculated standard and all except the floral £1 coins have been released in their precious metal editions, and are available from The Royal Mint website.

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