Charles Dickens £2

Dickens in 140 characters

Today we launch a contest to find the UK’s most concise Dickens expert!

We’re giving away a silver proof Dickens coin to the lucky winner, with runners up prizes of the regular base metal version.

We want you to summarise your favourite Dickens novel in 140 characters. It won’t be easy, but have a go anyway! Tweet your attempts @royalmintuk or leave a comment on this blog post.

We’ll add all the Tweets we receive to our favourites – Check out what’s been tweeted already

Let us know which ones you like best! Our expert judging panel will announce the winners on Friday.


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  • Jose L. Quintana

    A Christmas Carol. Money was the most important thing for E. Scrooge, until he undergoes a profound experience of redemption at Christmas.

  • royalmint

    That’s a good effort Jose! A ‘profound experience of redemption’ is great!

  • Alas poor Dickens, I am unable as I dont know him so well.



  • I love Christmas Carol. It is so well written, and has lots of hidden messages of the readers to take on with them :) It always fills me with festive cheer as well

  • elaine stokes

    oliver twist – from the workhouse to the posh house and everywhere in between

  • A Christmas Carol- A classic story of an emotional transformation of miser scrooge into a generous man after a vist from 3 Christmas ghosts.

  • Philip Uren

    Great Expectations, realised to the full along with fear, sadness and love equals human hopes & ambitions caught in words by a great author

  • Emma Greaves

    Oliver Twist in 140 characters (including spaces) exactly:
    A gritty and compelling tale of love and loyalties tested and exploited. Of braveness punished yet also rewarded. And of the triumph of good

  • Oliver Twist – A great classic story of a young boy doing the right thing in life even through the bad moments and getting his just reward in the end. Definitely recommend

  • lorraine dunne

    I love scrooge it shows a story of a mean man whos gets visited by the three spirits and is shown the error of his ways.

  • Kenneth Shipway

    Charles Dickens may have said about a “Christmas Carol”, I have “Great Expectations” and behold then wrote it too!

  • Great Expectations*Pip(P) aids con(C)*loves Estella(E)*status-mad*has windfall*in debt*finds C is backer & E’s dad*fire*death*P & E reunite

    • royalmint

      Very creative attempt :D

  • Great Expectations-kindly act-lost loves-bitterness-greed-betrayal-class divide-social climbing-debts owed-revelations-death-love refound

  • Jennifer Schofield

    A Christmas Carol – Scrooge is visted by 3 ghosts to show him error of ways before xmas.

  • Christine Johnson

    Great Expectations which had two endings, a poor boy who is left alot of money for doing a good deed

  • Laura Lott

    Grouchy man hates Christmas & heating. Man has Most-Haunted style experience. Man becomes less grouchy & commissions buying of huge turkey.

  • Christmas Carol

    S illy old mad who love money more that family
    C hristmas ghosts came to see him even Jacob marley
    R eturning him to his past the first ghost did
    O h how the second ghost showed him his errors of his ways during the present
    O f all the ghost the last was most scary showing him what would happen
    G reed was no longer a problem
    E nd was a happy one and all was well

    • royalmint

      Oooh. Very clever…but, um…how do I put this…it somewhat exceeds the 140 character limit :D

      • yeah i know i wanted to do this one i can cut it down i did a twitter one as well …. ill repost later a cut down version if that is okay

        • S illy old man who luvs £
          C hristmas ghosts came in 3s
          R eturning to his past
          O h how the 2nd ghost showed him his ways
          O f all the ghosts the last scary
          G reedy he was no more
          E nd
          just checked its 138 characters

          • royalmint

            Excellent :D

  • royalmint

    Loads of fab creative entries here! The competition closes at lunchtime tomorrow…and then will be judged by The Royal Mint and The Museum of London who have been involved in organising the Dickens 2012 celebrations!

    Who will win? Let us know your favourites so far both here and on Twitter!!/royalmintuk/favorites

  • Great Expectations-Pip fall in love with Estella but they never get married because of crime, social class, empire and ambition.

  • Anantha Narayanan

    “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” conveys the best of all. Troubles are always to stay. Life is but short. – A Tale of Two Cities

  • Nicole

    Justice, fate, love, loss, aching poverty, lauded wealth, morality, ambiguity, redemption & hope in the unlikeliest of souls: Great Expecs

  • Nicole

    There was a fellow who went by the name Dickens. He penned Pip, Estella, Miss Haversham, Joe & Oliver and oh they’ve been my friends, lifelong

  • royalmint

    Thanks for all the comments…entry is now CLOSED!

    We will deliberate and return with our decision in due course.

    In the meantime, why not browse the wonderful Dickens coins from The Royal Mint on our website :D

  • David Paterson

    A Christmas Carol – goodies, a grouch and ghosts, with grub for all at the end

    • royalmint

      Too late David, sorry!

  • kate peterson

    Great Expectations. A sad tale of intertwined lives and innumerable tragedies but wonderfully clever

  • royalmint

    Results will be announced on Monday! Have a great weekend everyone!

  • Stuart Hunter

    A Christmas Carol – a turning point in British society. A new word in the dictionary – Scrooge. And a huge goose to celebrate. God bless us – everyone.