Do you have a question for the designer of UK coins?

Matt Dent is the talented British designer behind the now famous ‘shield’ that adorns the reverse of the UK’s coinage. You will have seen it on coins in your change, and perhaps you have also bought the 2012 Collector Proof set. The design won the coveted D&AD Black Pencil award and saw Matt featured in Creative Review and other design journals.

Matt also designed the Charles Dickens £2 coin (see the Dickens coin in silver proof here) and the WWF 50p coin (see the WWF coin in silver proof here).

Since the launch of the coins, Matt has taken a leading position in the world of coin design and has spoken at many events and conferences. Although he’s very busy, we’ve managed to pin Matt down to answer your questions!

If you’re interested in the process behind designing a coin, the thinking behind the designs, or just what Matt has for breakfast…leave a comment below, send us a Tweet or ask your question on Facebook!

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