George III Sovereign now on display at The Royal Mint Experience

Last month, The Royal Mint announced a one-off ballot auction for an extremely rare Sovereign, struck in 1819 and now the coin in question, the 1819 George III Sovereign, is now on display at The Royal Mint Experience

This incredibly rare coin has been sourced and verified by The Royal Mint’s historic coin experts and is in prime position for visitors to view.

The 1819 George III Sovereign was first minted the year in which Queen Victoria was born and is one of just 3,574 Sovereigns to be struck that year. Two-hundred years later, there are perhaps ten such pieces left in the world. The highest grade 1819 Sovereign known to exist achieved a price of £186,000 at auction in 2013. Now one of the finest of those rare coins is being sold by ballot for a fixed price of £100,000.

After 155 years of mystery, when the coin’s location was unknown, the Sovereign reappeared in 1974 when the London Evening Standard reported that dealer B.A. Seaby had been offered an 1819 Sovereign for sale. 40 years later, the same 1819 Sovereign was acquired by The Royal Mint to present for sale, providing an opportunity for an individual to admire this treasure.

The Sovereign will be on display in The Royal Mint Experience for members of the public to see.

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