Interview with Jonathan Olliffe, designer of the London 2012 handover to Rio £2 coin

How do you feel about the success of Team GB and London 2012?

What a success the London 2012 Olympic Games has been! With new world records set and an incredible total of medals won by Team GB, we really could not have asked for more from our inspirational athletes. It has been something I have thoroughly enjoyed watching.

What was your experience of the London 2012 Olympic Games?

The London 2012 Olympic Games for me has been an event I will never forget. It has been a time for everyone to come together and watch with pride as their countries compete at the highest levels. It is impossible not be drawn into an event as special as the Olympics, where dreams are made. My most memorable experience of the Games has been my own involvement with The Royal Mint. It has been an exciting journey as a designer, and with the release of this, my third coin design, it really doesn’t get any better. For me, this sums up what the Olympic Games is about, giving people the chance to be involved in the Olympic journey and sharing the overall sense of celebration that we have seen so much of in the country this summer.

What were your personal highlights of London 2012?

The highlight for me was the Opening Ceremony of the Games that took place inside the hugely impressive Olympic stadium. It really was a spectacular show, covering all aspects of our culture and emphasising what a great nation we are.

A moment from the show that stood out as something very special has to be the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron, designed by Thomas Heatherwick. This breath-taking moment of the ceremony was very exciting and as a designer and silversmith, I could really appreciate the craftsmanship and technical skill required to produce a structure as complex and important as the cauldron.

What have been the reactions to your coin designs?

To see my two Olympic 50p coin designs made and released into circulation was very exciting, but to then see my third design – the Handover to Rio £2 coin – produced by The Royal Mint as the final coin in the London 2012 collection, made it even more special. It has been an Olympic Games I am proud to have been part of.

You can read more from Jonathan on the Royal Mint website

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