Are there more 2016 UK coins to come?

We recently announced the commemorative themes for 2016, and what a response we’ve had. We’ve been overwhelmed by the fantastic feedback we’ve received on our Facebook and Twitter; it is safe to say that 2016 is set to be a bumper year for UK coins!

To recap, in total we have revealed eight new UK coins so far. These include one 50p, one £1 coin, five £2 coins, and one £5 coin. Anniversaries for The Great Fire of London, the Battle of Hastings and William Shakespeare are all marked alongside the last ’round pound’, a £2 coin honouring the role of the Army in the First World War and a £5 coin marking Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th birthday. But, have the recently updated collector albums revealed that there are yet more to come?


Just one 50p was revealed in the annual sets release in November but, as you can see here, there are still quite a few spaces to fill in the 50p Coin Hunt Collector Album. In fact there are seven 50p spaces to fill and this hasn’t gone unnoticed on social media.

We can reveal today that this is NOT a mistake and YES this coin-rich year has a few more secrets up its sleeve.

Well you’ll pleased to know that, if you’re reading this article, you’ll be among the first collectors to learn some exciting news. A royal proclamation released today has revealed that next year we will also be celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the birth of Beatrix Potter! The Royal Proclamation has also revealed that this anniversary will be marked with more than one coin! Two 50p coins were announced in today’s proclamation; one is to feature a silhouette of Beatrix Potter, and the other a portrait of the character Peter Rabbit, from Beatrix Potter’s first children’s book, ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’.

Royal Proclamations

Every new coin design requires a Royal Proclamation – which is an announcement of the coin’s specification and design. These proclamations are then made available publicly and often go on to be published in the London Gazette. This latest Royal Proclamation, which has revealed there will be UK coins to mark the 150th Anniversary of the birth of Beatrix Potter, read;

And Whereas it appears to Us desirable to order that, to commemorate the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the birth of Beatrix Potter should be made at Our Mint coins of the denomination of fifty pence.

The design of the said coins shall be as follows:

‘For the obverse impression either Our effigy with the inscription “ · ELIZABETH II · D · G · REG · F · D · 50 PENCE · 2016” and for the reverse designs either:

(a) a silhouette of Beatrix Potter accompanied by an image of Peter Rabbit surrounded by a floral motif with the inscription “BEATRIX POTTER 1866 1943”; or

(b) a portrait of Peter Rabbit with the inscription “PETER RABBIT”.

The coins shall have a plain edge.

You can read the full proclamation here.

What will be next?

So there we have it, two more coins to look forward to in 2016. But that still leaves a few empty spaces! What else would you like to see marked on UK coins in 2016? We would love to hear your thoughts and predictions for the remaining spaces. To do this, you can get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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  • alpato

    Hundredth and fifty!!!

    • Menelik A I

      If this came to you as junk mail, you would think it was a scam written by an East European. I thought “the character from the infamous Tales of Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit” was very odd, too. It’s called “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”.

      • Menelik A I

        In fact “The Tales of Beatrix Potter” was the name given to a ballet and to a film, and there is no reason to call it “infamous”, unless you think it was a very bad film.

        • alpato

          Totally agree.

  • alpato

    Fifa world cup winners 50 years ago would be a good 50p coin commemoration.

  • Jordan Browning

    Planets would be awesome! Or our local woodland animals fox, badgers, hedgehogs

  • Martyn Wilton

    ok am I missing something here?? surely there are four coins to come not three, seven spaces, minus the two for Beatrix potter and the battle of hastings and that leaves four NOT three?? ….. Also are the new coins going to be released in Cu-Ni proof form? or just bunc and the over priced silver proofs?? some people like to collect Cu-Ni proof of all the coins and it would prove to be very expensive to have to buy six extra coins in silver proofs……….

    • Duncan E Davies

      Totally agree I have acquired virtually every decimal coin since they began, but I am not prepared to buy silver ones, hence I am already one down with respect to the 2015 £5 Princess Charlottes Christening, if it carries on like that my interest in collecting will quickly diminish. I contacted the Royal Mint about this and was told quite definitely they had no intentions to produce all crowns in base metal !!!!!

      • Menelik A I

        We should boycott them, I’m afraid. So many people feel like this (and of course, what appears in writing here is only the tip of the looming iceberg — don’t they realise this ?

  • mrh112

    So the “complete” 2016 collection I bought is not so complete after all.

  • Menelik A I

    All new coins should be put into circulation, or at least be readily available from post offices at face value in the case of £5 coins. Otherwise, people will stop collecting them , and you will have killed the geese which are laying your golden eggs when they get older and richer.

    • Dave Crane

      completely agree with you there … I have bought loads of the Guernsey and Jersey £5 coins in previous years, because I can buy these at face value – but these are from Westminster Collection (not the Royal Mint) – although despite being a customer of theirs for many years, they NEVER have the honesty to send e-mails out advertising these – so you have to keep an eye on their YouTube Channel instead.

      I don’t have many of the Royal Mint issues now, as you used to be able to buy them at face value in Main Post Offices, but that’s no longer possible – all you can get are the grossly overpriced ones in sets – and I don’t want to pay that.

      The only Face Value ones that are easy to get from the Royal Mint are the silver or gold ones

  • Dave Crane

    here’s an idea for a future set of 50p coins – How about a coin for each county in the UK, along the same lines as the US quarters.
    Perhaps then followed by a famous UK landmarks set.
    Too many for one year of course, but a great ongoing series.

    • Menelik A I

      Excellent idea. To be mainly collected out of circulation. If young people can’t complete their collections out of circulation, they won’t be interested in buying Britannias and sovereigns when they are older.

      • Thank you Menelik – I’ll pass your comments on to the team.

    • Thank you for the suggestion Dave. It’s a great suggestion! I’ll pass it on to the team.

      • Menelik A I

        I don’t see why this shouldn’t be done with 10p coins, actually, roughly the same value as the American ones, and a bit bigger. They had roughly as many states to cover as we have counties, and we could do so in about the same time.

    • Bob

      I’d love this to happen, but so many people are touchy about their county! Would you use the pre or post 1974 counties? So many have come and gone, like Avon, but they still exist in some forms – I suppose Bristol would have to get one all to itself. Would a Middlesex one be created? And I think the Scottish and Welsh counties are even more confusing!

  • Gerald Moore

    This is confusing, with all those ‘either’s. Is this the Queen’s English? For a start the correct English is EACH new coin requires a Royal Proclamation. Then, why is there an ‘either’ before Our effigy? Is there an alternative? Then, my reading would be that the Proclamation is announcing one Beatrix Potter coin for which the final reverse design has been left open.
    That would make FIVE more coins to come.

    • Menelik A I

      No. There isn’t an alternative. There is some very dodgy English here altogether, see Alpato and myself below

  • ZineMint

    Wishing the Royal Mint a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too.

  • Steve Fenn

    It is of course the Queen’s 90th birthday in June so that will possibly produce something

  • kuntina tangam

    I’m sure Gerald is right : if there were going to be two 50p coins for Beatrix Potter, they certainly wouldn’t BOTH feature Peter Rabbit ! What about Squirrel Nutkin, Jeremy Fisher or Jemima Puddleduck ? Look again at the Royal Proclamation and it is clear that there will be one coin, but that the final design has been left to a later decision. The (a) and the (b) are alternatives – that’s why it says either / or ! Come on Royal Mint – get your facts straight !

  • Max E Whitney Jr

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the Britannia’s. I have the complete silver set. I just wish the mint would go back to a different reverse each year. The Kookaburra’s do this, and it makes for a lot better looking set. That is the big problem with the American Eagle. Except for the date, it’s just samo-samo. However, YES, I will continue to buy the Britannia’s.

  • Ricardo Ramiro

    So the 2016 annual set I just purchased is already incomplete!

    • Les Kent

      Yes Ricardo you are right (SO MUCH FOR DEFINITIVE) for this reason and the fact that you have to buy the set to get the SO CALLED last £1 coin which in it’s self is not quite true as it is not going into circulation it is not a true coin (more a token) I have now stopped buying the coin sets and will be selling most of them.
      Les Kent

    • Paul McGill

      Absolutely Ricardo. I have written to the Royal Mint about this on several occasions over the last few years. They issue the ‘Annual’ set implying that collectors can obtain all the commemorative coins in a year and then start issuing even more for anniversaries which are able to be planned. I understand that a royal birth may generate an extra coin but not a 150th anniversary. The final straw was last year’s ‘coin’ that was only available in silver – no BU version. The Royal Mint stopped caring about long term collectors a few years ago, now they seem to want to attract temporary visitors that buy thematically and then move on. Like Les I have finished collecting. After 30+ years I no longer have any faith in the Mint’s coin issuing programme.

  • Connor Telfer

    The 300th Anniversary of the Birth of Capability Brown or the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Charlotte Bronte?

  • Stuart Lathan

    It’s great that these coins are being minted bur the Royal Mint prices are getting to be quite excessive! £10 for the Beatrix Potter 50p is highway robbery….. at least Dick Turpin wore a mask!

  • Les Kent

    What about a tribute to Mary Seacole who financed herself to helped all the British soldiers in the Crimean war or Grace Darling the 16 year old who saved so many lives from the shipwreck Forfarshire, to name just two.

  • Gary Newman

    You could do a 50p for peggy ashcroft who was a English actress who died in 1991 who had been acting for over sixty years would be 25 years this year

  • Mark C

    I love the 2016 designs, yet frustrated that these are being sold for huge mark ups on all sorts of places while I patiently wait (and hope) that they are being released into circulation. Any chance the Royal Mint can set out something that states all the special coins and when they are being released into circulation or if this exists can you let me know the link…thanks