Royalty and St George & The Dragon – The Top 10 Facts

I’ve felt surrounded by Georges and Dragons lately! So my friends in our Museum have helped me pull together these Top 10 Facts about them, that I think you really need to know… Our flagship coin, the Sovereign, is known and recognised throughout the world. It’s our most famous coin and shows St George, the … Read more…

A penny for your thoughts…

Well ok, it’s actually a no longer available London 2012 Handover to Rio Silver Proof £2 Coin for your thoughts…but we’re sure you don’t mind!

As we are giving away a Silver penny to every baby born on the same day as the Royal baby, we have decided to run a quick competition to test your penny knowledge!

All you have to do to enter, is to answer the three questions below correctly and submit the form to us.

The competition closes on the 19th July 2013 at 17:00pm and is open to UK residents only.

How to find the answers?

You can find the answers to each of the questions on The Royal Mint website, The Royal Mint Museum website, and on this blog!

The winner!

The winner is (drum roll please)

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Your Royal Mint Facebook questions answered!

The Royal Mint’s social media team were lucky enough to have a work experience placement called Leah for a week in July 2013. We asked Leah to post on Facebook asking people to suggest questions that they would like to be answered. Leah researched and wrote the answers to your questions.

You can read her findings below!

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A Silver Penny for every baby – worldwide coverage!

There’s been a huge response to The Royal Mint’s gift of a Lucky Silver Penny to UK-born babies lucky enough to share their birthdate with Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge’s Royal Baby.

Part of my job at The Royal Mint is to know who’s talking about us and where we are receiving media coverage. I thought it would be a fun thing to share, so here’s my ‘Lucky 7’ Royal Round-up of world-wide coverage of our Lucky Silver Penny promotion!

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Gromit unleashed – the making of ‘The National Treasure’

When The Royal Mint was asked to take part in the ‘Gromit unleashed’ exhibition, we were excited by the opportunity to do something really special.

We knew we had a lot to live up to, being in the company of people like Aardman’s very own Nick Park and Peter Lord, iconic designers Sir Paul Smith and Cath Kidston, illustrators Sir Quentin Blake and Martin Handford (creator of ‘Where’s Wally’) and many more besides.

So what could we do? Well it had to include coins, of course, and with mosaic artist Stephanie Roberts involved the ideas quickly began to flow. To add a finishing touch to the masterpiece, the Royal Mint’s Chief Engraver, Gordon Summers was tasked with creating a medallion from a design crafted in plasticine by Nick Park himself!

Would it all come together? Read on to find out.

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The Royal Mint Coronation 5oz and Kilo Coins

For particularly momentous occasions, The Royal Mint strikes 5oz and Kilo coins. These coins are large, precious metal coins with specially commissioned artwork designed to take advantage of the coin’s dimensions. The 2013 Coronation 5oz coin has been designed by Jonathan Olliffe, who was one of the people who won the competition to design a London 2012 … Read more…

Inside The Royal Mint – Part two – The Royal Mint grounds

Having safely passed security procedures at reception, known internally as ‘The Police Lodge’, we find ourselves outside again in a leafy, landscaped area with buildings all around us. As you leave the safety of the Police Lodge, you are immediately presented with a live digital noticeboard that displays up-to-the-minute Health & Safety statistics.  This serves … Read more…

Inside The Royal Mint – Part one – through the gates

As we go about our daily business here at The Royal Mint, we sometimes take for granted the historic and even quirky practices and sights we experience every day. 

In this short series we share some of them with you, to give you a flavour of our lives at the world’s largest export mint and the UK’s oldest manufacturing company. So, first of all, let’s make our way in…

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Top ten coin related videos

We’ve scoured Youtube to find ten fascinating and fun coin related videos.

If you have a favourite coin video, please share the link in the comments and if we like it enough we’ll add it to our playlist.

There’s quite a variety in here, so if you don’t enjoy one, just click next to skip and move on.

The videos are:

  1. Coin dominoes
  2. Coins skipping on water in slow motion
  3. How it’s made – Chocolate coins
  4. Coin stacking
  5. Amazing Chinese magician
  6. The world’s largest coin
  7. Amazing coin advert from Hong Kong
  8. Striking gold Sovereigns at The Royal Mint
  9. A brief history of money
  10. Coin throwing

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