Poll: What is your favourite coin design of 2018 so far?

So far 2018 has been an exciting year for UK coins; we’ve celebrated a Royal Wedding, welcomed a royal baby and marked the icons of the air with the RAF100 £2 coin series. We’ve added a new denomination to the UK Coin Hunt, using the alphabet to map out what makes Britain great, introduced a new beast to our Queen’s Beast collection and of course, we’ve even seen Britain’s most-loved bear, Paddington appear on UK coins for the first time! As we’re officially two thirds of the way through, we would like to know, which is your favourite coin design of the year…so far!

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Britannia – the Spirit of a Nation

Britannia’s story is one of evolution and reinvention, each guise reflective of the mood of the times. In the eighteenth century she began to be portrayed at the water’s edge clutching Poseidon’s Trident, a representation of British sea power. It’s no coincidence that the poem ‘Rule, Britannia’ was set to music at this time in 1740, and it didn’t take long for the British Army and Navy to adopt this rousing, patriotic song. A fixture on coinage for centuries, Britannia reflects the spirit of the nation throughout shifts in art and politics, technology and popular culture.

Britannia has come to embody our sense of national pride, a personification of what Britain represents and the ideals she upholds. She nods to our illustrious past, but always with one eye on the future.

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Captain Cook’s Journey – 1768 – 1770

The British spirit of adventure is personified by the historic figure of Captain Cook. As part of our three-year coin series marking the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook’s epic voyage, we’ll look at his journey. We’ll follow his adventure year by year and learn more about the challenges that marked his voyage as told to us by Charles Forgan, who volunteers at the Captain Cook Museum in Whitby.

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Behind the design: 2018 Britannia

A fixture on coins for centuries, Britannia is more than just a symbol, she chronicles the history of the British Isles. Inspired and iconic, she channels the spirit of a nation. Her strength stems from her poise, her shield offers protection and her gaze is trained on the future, driving progress onward.

Each year Britannia is recast, presenting an opportunity for a British artist to reimagine our most famous national symbol. For 2018, David Lawrence returns Britannia to a more classical feel in a composition that channels the spirit of a nation. We recently caught up with David to find out a little more about his design.

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The Legendary St George Marks HRH Prince George of Cambridge’s Fifth Birthday

Taking his first steps through life, Prince George has quickly captured hearts across the world, frequently stealing the show wherever he goes. Now, with a year of so many wonderful royal celebrations in full swing, the young prince has already welcomed a new baby brother and taken on a special starring role at his uncle’s wedding. But it’s safe to say that there’s one occasion in 2018 that the prince will be looking forward to more than anything – it’s time to break out the cake and candles for Prince George’s fifth birthday!

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Paddington Bear joins us on UK coins!

The duffle coat, the suitcase, that hat… yes, the rumours were true, Paddington Bear is starting a new adventure and will feature on UK coins, with not one, but two 50p coin designs! This year marks the 60th anniversary since the first publication, today, Paddington is a British icon and we’re excited to celebrate Britain’s most-loved bear on UK coins for the first time.

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Behind the design: Her Majesty The Queen’s Sapphire Coronation 5oz and Kilo

In June 1953, Her Majesty The Queen was crowned in a ceremony that linked centuries of tradition with changing times. The young Queen Elizabeth II represented a renewed hope for a bright future and the start of a new chapter for Britain. The nation came out in force to celebrate and thousands lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the procession.

Throughout her reign, The Queen has given the nation so many special moments and milestones to celebrate, and we have been proud to have been there for every anniversary and many other happy occasions. Now, as Her Majesty The Queen reaches another milestone, we mark the moment with two coin designs that celebrate the Sapphire Coronation. We recently caught up with Dominique Evans, designer of the Coronation 5oz and Kilo to find out a little more about her design.

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Behind the design: Her Majesty The Queen’s Sapphire Coronation

On 2 June 1953, Her Majesty The Queen’s coronation took place at Westminster Abbey. Crowds lined the streets of London to watch the grand procession. The joy of that moment, on that special day, brought cheer to post-war Britain, now, 65 years later, we celebrate a remarkable reign on UK coins.

Two designs have been created for the occasion, both of which are Royal Mint designers; Dominique Evans and Stephen Taylor who is also the designer of The Longest Reigning Monarch £5 crown. We recently caught up with Stephen to find out the inspiration behind his coin design celebrating Her Majesty The Queen’s Sapphire Coronation.

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