Paddington™ – Worth His Weight in Gold

Within Michael Bond’s beloved first book ‘A Bear Called Paddington™’ we came across a charming story about Paddington’s curiosity around coins.

On one of his many, helpful, shopping expeditions, Paddington meets Mr. Gruber, who keeps an antique shop on the Portobello Road and explains that he is eager to buy a gift for his family, the Browns.  Discussing his native Peru, and his cherished Peruvian centavos, Paddington wondered if they could be of value in London.  Mr Gruber, in turn, shared his old, gold sovereigns with the inquisitive bear, telling Paddington that even though they are not new and shiny, they were very valuable.

Paddington proceeds to weigh himself (following a rather large meal) to calculate his equivalent weight in sovereigns.  On presenting these numbers to Mr Gruber, he agrees that he is a very valuable bear, but also explains to our favourite bear, that things are not always what they seem in this world.

Paddington’s thoughtful gift for his family would have to wait for another day but through his newfound friendship, Paddington discovers that buns, and a delicious cup of cocoa, are possibly an even more valuable treat as they can be enjoyed every day with Mr. Gruber for their elevenses.

It’s wonderful to see that Paddington’s love of coins was there from the very start. It makes it even more special that he has now appeared on his very own official 50p coin.

Do you love coins as much as Paddington does?  Shop the Paddington range here.

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