Part 3 – The Royal Mint in 1953 – The Coronation celebrations

In part 3 of our series of posts, the Coronation events take place and the event passes off beautifully. Royal attention turns to the people who made it happen, and official letters of thanks arrive at the Mint.

(Continued from Part 2 – The Royal Mint in 1953 – The Coronation approaches, excitement builds!)

For their role in the Coronation celebrations, many staff at The Royal Mint receive honours and letters of congratulations and thanks from the Royal family.

For those who don’t receive acknowledgement in the form of an official award, the Specimen sets and Crown pieces are available at a special staff rate so they can at least own a wonderful commemorative.

Once the excitement has settled, life moves on with the announcement that two films from the North Thames Gas board are to be shown in the Club Room at the Mint. Thankfully, only two-thirds of the film was devoted to gas manufacture, with the remaining third being for ‘lighter films’!

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This concludes our series of posts looking at life at the Mint in 1953. What are your own memories of the Coronation year? If you are too young to remember, does it surprise you to see how much life has changed, or do things seem remarkably the same?

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