Powered by a daffodil – The Royal Mint’s new wind turbine

Visitors to The Royal Mint and the Royal Mint Experience will not fail to spot a bright new addition to the landscape from today – a giant revolving daffodil.

The brand new installation, a green and yellow coloured wind turbine, has been installed on the hills behind The Royal Mint and the Royal Mint Experience.  The ‘daffodil’ started generating electricity directly into The Royal Mint from today, 5 September, after being switched on in an official opening ceremony by the CEO of The Royal Mint, Anne Jessopp.

The Royal Mint, which is a heavy user of electricity for powering its 38-acre site, coin striking activities and tourist attraction, has installed the wind turbine in order to help make its fuel consumption more efficient. The project has been carried out in conjunction with wind and solar energy project developer Infinite Renewables, during what has been a 4-year project.



The turbine can provide 850kW of power – in other words, 850 kettles an hour – is not The Royal Mint’s first foray into harnessing natural power to help fuel its premises. We already benefits from solar energy via panels positioned around the Royal Mint Experience and factory site.

Key facts about the daffodil wind turbine

  • The wind turbine is a Vestas V52 850kW turbine and rated as a IEC Class 1a, which means that it is designed to operate in moderate to high wind speeds with turbulent conditions
  • There have been over 1500 Vestas V52’s installed all over the world. They have a proven track record for their longevity and reliability.
  • The turbine previously operated on the HAP Hoiting Wind Farm in the Netherlands
  • The turbine has been fully refurbished and painted in the colours of a Daffodil, the national flower of Wales.

How does the technology transfer the electricity to The Royal Mint?

  • The Turbine generates at 690 volts and is stepped up to 11,000 volts by a transformer which transmits the electricity via a high voltage cable directly into The Royal Mint.

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