Precious metal 2013 UK Guinea £2 Proof coins – available to pre-order now!

The Guinea was first struck in the reign of George III, who was himself an incredibly important historical figure, being the first King to rule over the newly created United Kingdom in 1810.

We have written extensively about the history of the Guinea, but a new chapter in the story of this coin is being written in 2013. The UK Guinea £2 will eventually be found in circulation, but for now only commemorative versions are available.

The striking of 2013 UK Guinea £2 precious metal coins has begun, and they are available to pre-order now from The Royal Mint website.

2013 UK Guinea £2 Gold Proof

In 1663 a new gold pound coin was struck. Alongside Charles II’s portrait, the coin often bore a small elephant mark: the mark of the Africa Company. This inspired the coin’s name – the guinea, after the Guinea Coast that supplied gold to The Royal Mint. Minted in 22 carat gold, the same used to strike the 2013 £2 coin.

View the 2013 UK Guinea £2 Gold Proof

2013 UK Guinea £2 Silver Proof Coin

Sculptor Anthony Smith has reinvented one of the most recognised guineas: the spade-guinea. Struck for just 13 years from 1827, the coin bore a crowned shield with the Royal Arms of George III that was said to resemble a spade.

View the 2013 UK Guinea £2 Silver Proof

2013 UK Guinea £2 Silver Proof Piedfort

The guinea is a firm favourite with collectors, who will be excited to add this piece of its history to their collections. Particularly coveted will be this double thickness Piedfort £2 coin, struck in sterling silver and rimmed with fine gold as a most impressive tribute to one of the world’s most famous coins.

View the 2013 UK Guinea £2 Silver Piedfort Proof

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