Royal Mint Bullion website launched

The Royal Mint has today launched a new bullion website, The website will enable customers to buy and sell gold and silver bullion coins quickly, effortlessly and securely, 24 hours a day.

It’s often thought that there are several barriers to buying bullion, and that buying gold and silver as an individual has its complexities. However, The Royal Mint’s new website aims to make the process quick, easy, safe and secure, for everyone.

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Quick and Easy

To buy and sell bullion on you must create an account online. It’s easy to set up and verify your account, and the process takes only a few minutes. Once your account is set up, you can begin to build your portfolio immediately; there’s no need to wait for documentation or confirmation.

Buying the coins is also quick and easy. Once your account is set up and you’ve added funds, it’s as simple as finding the coins you’d like and clicking ‘Buy Now’. With a straight-forward product range and a simple site structure, finding the perfect coin for you can take even less time than creating your account.

Safe and Secure

Whatever your budget, from single coins to tubes, aims to make buying and selling bullion safe and secure. The Royal Mint has been the home of Britain’s coins for more than 1,000 years, and its links with the Ministry of Defence, the option of storage in The Vault™, its on-site storage facility, and a robust website all add to a safe and secure offering from The Royal Mint.

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After purchasing bullion safely on, you can choose to take delivery or store your gold at The Royal Mint. The Vault™ is The Royal Mint’s secure on-site precious metal storage facility which is protected by the Ministry of Defence Police, 24/7/365. The Royal Mint is the only mint in the world where customers will be able to buy on-site precious metal storage direct from the mint, 24/7/365.

If you do decide to take delivery of your bullion coins, delivery services are offered through Royal Mail and DHL couriers, all of which are tracked to ensure safe delivery of your bullion.


If you’re looking to buy gold, look no further than The Royal Mint Bullion. Buying gold direct from The Royal Mint not only gives you peace of mind but prices on the platform are determined by the live precious metal spot prices and The Royal Mint is the only mint in the world currently offering the ability to trade in precious metals 24 hrs a day, seven days a week, rather than being limited to normal office hours.

Why stop at buying gold? A range of silver bullion coins are also available to purchase on, with pricing also based on live market rates.

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What’s more, there are no account fees for set-up, transactions, management or withdrawal of funds in the UK. For a limited time only there is also FREE UK Delivery on all Bullion coins and tubes.

Benefits of buying bullion coins

Gold bullion coins such as The Sovereign, Britannia and Lunar coins from The Royal Mint have a VAT-free status in the United Kingdom, making them VAT-free for non VAT registered private individuals. This only applies to gold coins, as silver coins are subject to VAT at the current rate of 20%. However, all Gold and Silver bullion coins on are Capital Gains Tax (CGT) free for residents of the United Kingdom as the coins are legal tender in the UK.

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