The Royal Mint Welcomes Budding Coin Designer

The beauty of coin collecting is that it appeals to such a diverse range of people.  We recently had a visit from 15 year old Sophie Welch, an avid coin collector and budding coin designer who has even submitted her own coin designs to The Royal Mint.

During half term, Sophie visited The Royal Mint Experience so we arranged for her to meet members of the wider team to help her understand the processes behind coin design and how the team approach the intricate detail of design and creating a coin.

Sophie told us in her own words, how she found her time at The Royal Mint:

“I really enjoyed my day at The Royal Mint.  First I met Nicola Howell (Director of Consumer Business), who told me that she was really happy that someone my age (15) was so interested in designing and collecting coins.

“I then had a tour around The Royal Mint Experience led by Beverley Dyer who told me lots of information about the Mint and rare coins. I would never have known all the information if she hadn’t told me. She then took me to the factory and I got to see where the coins were struck and transported. I also struck my own Frankenstein £2 coin.

“Afterwards I met Dr Kevin Clancy, Director of the Royal Mint Museum, and he showed me around the museum that contained lots of rare and valuable coins. Lunch was next and a well deserved break!

“Then I met the Coin Design team and Tommy Docherty helped me use the software they use to design coins to create one of my designs on there. Once I got used to how everything worked, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I knew how to change something when I needed to.


“Once I had finished my final coin design, then I was off to the gift shop! I bought lots of coins and I won’t forget my experience in a hurry! The whole day was amazing and everyone I met was so informative.  Thanks everyone for an amazing day!”

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