Signature Gold: a new way to buy gold


Gold bars, such as these, are little more than a movie prop to most of us. To own just one of these gold bars, that weigh around 400oz, would cost you somewhere in the region of £300,000, depending on the live price of gold. Far beyond reality for most of us! Well, we have some exciting news, because as of today, as little as just £20 can buy you a piece of the dream. has recently further expanded its offering, with the launch of Signature Gold – which enables you to purchase, and importantly own, a piece of these gold bars.

What is Signature Gold?

Signature Gold is a simple and cost effective way to own physical gold in quantities to suit all budgets. Historically, gold has always been bought by weight – you would buy gold coins at given weights, or gold bars weighing from 1g to 1oz, or multiples of these weights. Now, with Signature Gold, you decide the amount of gold you wish to buy. With a minimum purchase of just £20, Signature Gold allows you to buy gold in any amount at any time to suit your budget – allowing you to build your bullion portfolio at your pace.

Unlike many unallocated gold bullion accounts, where you become a creditor (i.e. you’re ‘owed’ the gold), the gold you buy with Signature Gold is real, physical and fully allocated – this means that you have full legal title over your gold. The Royal Mint buys large 400oz gold bars and stores them securely within its vault. When you buy Signature Gold you’re buying a piece of these bars – and although you’ll never be able to hold it or take delivery of it, it is 100% yours until you decide to sell it.


Buying these large gold bars allows The Royal Mint to offer economies of scale and pass on the savings – making it the most cost-effective way to buy gold bullion with The Royal Mint. Signature Gold also eliminates the worry of where to store your gold and how to sell it – as all gold bought through Signature Gold is stored in The Vault™,The Royal Mint’s on site storage facility guarded 24/7/365 by Ministry of Defence police, and traded on The Royal Mint’s bullion platform. This provides you with more control, more flexibility and more security than ever before.

Following the popular addition of gold and silver minted bars to its bullion range earlier this year, today’s addition of Signature Gold now gives you even more choice when it comes to buying gold: with gold and silver coins, gold and silver bars, and now Signature Gold all available at

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