The Sovereign – The Gift That Keeps Giving

What makes a great Christmas gift – something that will surprise and delight on Christmas morning, or perhaps something that could prove valuable and useful in the future? Why not give a gift this Christmas that could do both?

Respected and recognised all over the world, The Sovereign has become synonymous with Britain. Its St George and the dragon design, created by Benedetto Pistrucci, has remained as timeless as the coin itself. However, as well as being a beautiful coin to gift to your loved ones this Christmas, The Sovereign has proved itself to be a gift that keeps on giving long after Christmas Day.

So many Christmas gifts provide short-term entertainment or become last year’s trend very quickly. Clothes are grown out of, new mobile phones or tablets become outdated and gifts lose their novelty status, often put in a drawer and forgotten about. However, even if a Sovereign is left untouched for months or even years, the timeless design will retain its beauty and elegance and in addition, many Sovereigns have significantly increased in value over time.

A Christmas gift for the present day and also for the future, why not consider gifting a Sovereign this festive season?

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