Stir-Up Sunday 2016

It only seems like yesterday that we were packing up and sending off 2,015 silver sixpences to stir in to your Christmas puddings at home. How time flies! Almost a year on, we are now looking ahead to this year’s Stir-up Sunday festivities.

Stir-up Sunday takes place on the last Sunday before advent, a day when kitchens across the country become busy with festive baking activity! Traditionally, it’s the day that Christmas puddings are made and families and groups get together to each stir the mixture and make a wish. The final ingredient to be added to the mixture is a Silver Sixpence, thought to bring wealth and fortune for the year to come to whoever finds it on Christmas day.


Last year we got together with Rachel Walker to create our very own Royal Mint Christmas pudding recipe and started to spread the word, encouraging families far and wide to get into the festive spirit. Pledges were made, an overwhelming 24,702 to be exact, and we gifted a lucky 2,015 people with a vintage silver sixpence to put in their puddings. If you were one of the lucky ones, we’d love to know, will you be taking part again this weekend?


For some, the tradition of Stir-Up Sunday has been in their families for years, with a silver sixpence that has been passed down through generations. As for others, last year’s Stir-Up Sunday marked the start of a new family Christmas tradition. This year, we’d like even more people to adopt the tradition and to mark the moment, we have struck 2016 dated Silver Sixpences, the first newly struck and dated silver sixpence for decades. But if you’re planning on stirring in a Royal Mint sixpence this Sunday, then be quick as there is just one day left to order to guarantee that they arrive in time!


Need some help along the way? Well, we’ve teamed up with nine food bloggers to give you some guidance in achieving pudding perfection. Be sure to check out, Eats AmazingTaming Twins, Casa CostelloSuper Golden BakesFab 4 AllCharlotte’s Lively Kitchen, and Mum in the Madhouse!

And that’s not all, this evening we are hosting a Stir-Up Sunday cookery demonstration with chef, Angela Gray. Angela will be joining us at The Royal Mint Experience, demonstrating how to make the perfect Royal Mint Christmas pud, and of course, sharing tips and tricks along the way. Be sure to follow the evening on Twitter, and look out for the video telling you all you will need to know.

Will you be getting involved with Stir-Up Sunday this year? We’d love to hear from you if you are. Let us know by making your #puddingpledge on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and be sure to keep us updated by using #StirUpSunday. Don’t forget to make a wish!

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  • Keith MV

    So how do you apply to be considered for a 2016 sixpence, as not all of us can travel to the experience to get one?

  • Ashley Hale

    The Royal Mint Experience might only be 20 minutes from Cardiff, but it might just as well be hosted on the dark side of the moon!
    I have MS and struggle to get to the local shops some times so will not be able to get there despite really liking the sound of it.
    Is there another way of getting my hands on a 2016 sixpence?
    Ive baked all sorts of things and have always stayed clear of christmas cake and puds but might just be tempted to break the trend and have a go!

    • Tracey

      You can order online at the royal mint they are £15 and in a presentation card. Hope this helps.

  • roger govier

    I recently had a 1994 50p in my change,it is in very good condition.It features tanks and planes heading to the left.Is it common or scarce can you tell me please?

    • Arthur Williams

      Hi Roger, my mintage figures are from a Royal Mint PDF and show 6.7m+ for this coin.