Maundy Money

Maundy Money

Maundy Money is one of many ancient traditions The Royal Mint is proud to be a part of. It is a Christian tradition that involves giving special coins to people who have done good work for their Church and community It seems to have been the custom as early as the thirteenth century for members … Read more…

The Royal Mint on The Alan Titchmarsh show

The Royal Mint on The Alan Titchmarsh show

Below is yesterday’s Alan Titchmarsh episode. We’re on from 17.25 onwards if you want to skip ahead! The Royal Mint’s expert and Senior Research Curator Graham Dyer talks about some of the commemorative coins from The Royal Mint, both past and present. Richard Bishop from Spink shows some older coins, including a Queeen Elizabeth 1 … Read more…

Matt Dent, UK coin designer, answers your questions

We asked you to send in your questions for Matt Dent, the designer of UK coins. He answers them in detail and shares his thoughts on a variety of topics including whether we should have a 99p coin, how long his designs take to produce, and which is his favourite London 2012 50p! Matt’s designs … Read more…

Dickens in 140 characters – the results!

Click to view the Dickens coin close-up

Thanks to everyone who entered our Dickens in 140 character contest…it had an overwhelming response both on the blog, on Twitter and via email.

With over 100 entries to choose from, our judges from The Museum of London and the Charles Dickens Museum had to work long into the night to pick out their favourites…but the decision has now been made.

So…to the results!

Runners up

Runners up, who will each receive an uncirculated collector’s 2012 UK Charles Dickens £2 pack are:

Nell Darby @nelldarby tweeted her entry and used the thesaurus approach, listing words that capture the spirit of the novel rather than trying to describe it. We think it worked nicely!

@Royalmintuk Repression, dissatisfaction, drunkenness, recklessness, poverty, crime, grief, exile, remorse, and death. Bad luck. Hard Times.

Tarlok Meh posted on the blog to take second place with this effort that looks like a scientific formula! A definite favourite with The Museum of London’s judge!

Great Expectations*Pip(P) aids con(C)*loves Estella(E)*status-mad*has windfall*in debt*finds C is backer & E’s dad*fire*death*P & E reunite

And finally…the winner is…

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Twitter is buzzing about the ‘Offside 50p’

What did we tell you about 2012 being a great year for coin collecting? Today’s excitement over the London 2012 Football 50p (unofficially known as the ‘Offside 50p’) looks set to continue as Radio 4 just did an interview with the coin designer and our phones are ringing off the hook!

football 50p

You can listen to the interview here!

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London 2012 50p collectors

The most accessible opportunity to collect Royal Mint coins must surely be from circulating coin. Circulating coin means the coins we use to pay for things…the coins you carry in your pocket every day. Many people forget that amongst these similar looking pieces of metal there lie great rarities and variations. Check your change…perhaps you … Read more…

Information for collectors from the brand new Royal Mint blog

The Royal Mint produces all the coins in circulation in the UK, and we’ve been doing it for more than 1100 years. Even though we have such a long history, 2012 is a year unlike any other for collectors of British coins. Because of this, The Royal Mint is using this year to reignite the … Read more…