What’s In My Change?

Coins from change

How many of us have ever asked ourselves the question – what’s in my change? Those of us who have will know the answer, of course, which is – more history, art and treasure than you could imagine! Let me elaborate…

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Win a Coin Collector Album on ‘Blue Monday’

We’ve decided to brighten up your Blue Monday with a chance to win one of our ‘Great British Coin Hunt’ Coin Collector Albums. Blue Monday is the day which is reported to be the gloomiest of the year – this year it is 20th January 2014.

To be in with a chance of winning this prize Follow @RoyalMintUK on Twitter and tweet us a smile with the hashtag #BlueMonday before 8pm on 20th January (Blue Monday).

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50p collectors, share your tips and stories

So we all know the London 2012 sports 50p’s from the Royal Mint are hard to find…but some people have managed to find them all.

How did they do it?

We asked the best in the business for their tips and here are the top 10!

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29 Weeks of British Olympic and Paralympic sports – Week 10: Equestrian

The Equestrian 50p was designed by Tom Babbage. We sent Tom our three questions, and here’s what he had to say: Have you seen your coin ‘in the wild’ yet? No, I moved to China in March of last year and my coin wasn’t out then. I saw a lot of fencing coins in Preston … Read more…

29 Weeks of British Olympic and Paralympic sports – Week 6: Boccia

The Boccia 50p was designed by Justin Chung. Sadly…unlike the other blog posts in this series…I haven’t been able to get in touch with Justin. This blog post serves a different purpose then…we must find Justin! If you know Justin Chung, who studied at Manchester Metropolitan University and designed the Boccia 50p, please get in … Read more…

Dickens in 140 characters – the results!

Click to view the Dickens coin close-up

Thanks to everyone who entered our Dickens in 140 character contest…it had an overwhelming response both on the blog, on Twitter and via email.

With over 100 entries to choose from, our judges from The Museum of London and the Charles Dickens Museum had to work long into the night to pick out their favourites…but the decision has now been made.

So…to the results!

Runners up

Runners up, who will each receive an uncirculated collector’s 2012 UK Charles Dickens £2 pack are:

Nell Darby @nelldarby tweeted her entry and used the thesaurus approach, listing words that capture the spirit of the novel rather than trying to describe it. We think it worked nicely!

@Royalmintuk Repression, dissatisfaction, drunkenness, recklessness, poverty, crime, grief, exile, remorse, and death. Bad luck. Hard Times.

Tarlok Meh posted on the blog to take second place with this effort that looks like a scientific formula! A definite favourite with The Museum of London’s judge!

Great Expectations*Pip(P) aids con(C)*loves Estella(E)*status-mad*has windfall*in debt*finds C is backer & E’s dad*fire*death*P & E reunite

And finally…the winner is…

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29 Weeks of British Olympic and Paralympic sports – Week 5: Basketball

The basketball 50p was designed by Sarah Payne. Sarah is a designer from Cardiff who works full time for International Greetings PLC one of the world’s leading greetings card and accessories manufacturers. She also remains a freelance designer for Kids at Play, designing battery operated cars, bikes and ride ons that have been sold at … Read more…

Dickens in 140 characters

Dickens in 140 characters

Today we launch a contest to find the UK’s most concise Dickens expert! We’re giving away a silver proof Dickens coin to the lucky winner, with runners up prizes of the regular base metal version. We want you to summarise your favourite Dickens novel in 140 characters. It won’t be easy, but have a go … Read more…

Do you have a question for the designer of UK coins?

Matt Dent is the talented British designer behind the now famous ‘shield’ that adorns the reverse of the UK’s coinage. You will have seen it on coins in your change, and perhaps you have also bought the 2012 Collector Proof set. The design won the coveted D&AD Black Pencil award and saw Matt featured in … Read more…

Twitter is buzzing about the ‘Offside 50p’

What did we tell you about 2012 being a great year for coin collecting? Today’s excitement over the London 2012 Football 50p (unofficially known as the ‘Offside 50p’) looks set to continue as Radio 4 just did an interview with the coin designer and our phones are ringing off the hook!

football 50p

You can listen to the interview here!

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London 2012 50p collectors

The most accessible opportunity to collect Royal Mint coins must surely be from circulating coin. Circulating coin means the coins we use to pay for things…the coins you carry in your pocket every day. Many people forget that amongst these similar looking pieces of metal there lie great rarities and variations. Check your change…perhaps you … Read more…