The Diamond Jubilee – part of Royal Mint history, part of Britain’s history…

A Diamond Jubilee is truly special. In Britain’s long history there has only ever been one before now, that of Queen Victoria, the Queen’s great-great-grandmother.

Queen Victoria’s own Diamond Jubilee in 1897 symbolises the spirit of national pride that is still enjoyed on momentous Royal occasions today.

The festivities were not limited to Britain, for Victoria was Queen and Empress of over a quarter of the world’s population. Today, the celebrations for Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee will be carried on by people across the world and we are proud to commemorate the event for everyone!

The Royal Mint Museum have put together some teaching resources for schools that explain the way we try to pack historical references and minting traditions into every coin we make. We think you’ll be surprised by the level of thought that goes into every design…and we bet you start looking at the coins in your pocket with renewed interest!

Things you’ll learn:

  • How the all new portrait on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee £5 Crown is inspired by the original portrait of the young Elizabeth created by Mary Gillick.
  • How coin design traditions have been upheld in the latest designs.
  • The meaning behind some of the symbols and design features of our coins.
  • And much more!
Ian Rank-Broadley’s use of the 1953 design reflects his admiration of the work of Mary Gillick.
Ian Rank-Broadley’s use of the 1953 design reflects his admiration of the work of Mary Gillick.

There are two Powerpoint presentation to download:

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Collection – 24 coins produced by the Royal Mint to celebrate the Queen’s reign that raise awareness of geography and global citizenship.

Diamond Jubilees and the Royal Mint – compare and contrast  the Diamond Jubilees of Queen Victoria and Elizabeth II and to reflect on what things have changed in Britain over the past 100 years.

Find them both on the Royal Mint Museum’s Resources for Teachers website

Get the Official Diamond Jubilee coin

The Official Diamond Jubilee coin is minted to a higher standard than the coins in your pocket, and packaged in a protective plastic bubble in an embossed cardboard booklet.

You can buy it now on The Royal Mint website priced at £12.99.





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