The Football 50p: Offside explained

There’s some debate about whether The Royal Mint’s Football 50p design accurately explains the offside ‘rule’.

The coin’s designer, Neil Wolfson, says he never intended the coin to explain the detail of the rule, but simply to provide a strong design that showed what an offside position is.

He gives us some insight into his own thinking behind the design:

With all due respect, I reject Mal Davies’s interpretation of the coin (rather than his interpretation of the offside law). Nowhere on the coin does it say that the ‘offside’ player is committing an offence – that is a supposition entirely of Mal’s creation.

The coin simply states that the player is ‘offside’ – which is true, irrespective of whether or not an ‘offside offence’ results from this scenario.

Sounds reasonable to us. Neil continues…

Furthermore, there are clearly space limitations on the coinface so it was obviously impossible to go into the finer details of the offside rule.

But for those who don’t understand offside, it’s not a bad starting point (with further explanation) – and the coin seems to amuse those who do appreciate the offside rule.

So I simply don’t agree with Mal’s objection – on the basis that he refers to the ‘offside offence’, despite the coin having no such reference. I just hope Mal doesn’t book me for showing dissent.

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Regardless of the outcome…The Royal Mint will continue making British coins relevant and getting people talking about the treasure in their pockets!

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