London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics victory medals

It was an exciting day here at The Royal Mint yesterday as we opened our doors to some of the UK’s key media, allowing them access to our highly secured site to report on one of the most exciting projects we have ever undertaken.

In conjunction with Rio Tinto who are supplying the metal from which the London 2012 Victory Medals are being made, we invited over 20 individual journalists and camera crew on site to report on the story of the London 2012 Paralympic medals in production, including The Guardian, BBC Wales, Sky News, The Times Online, The Times, ITV, CNN and Blue Peter.

Royal Mint Medal Maker
Expert hands position an Olympic medal for striking. Click the image to view more photos on Facebook.


We offered them four key stages to film and/or photograph – striking, soldering the mount, engraving and ribboning – as well as interviews with Adam Lawrence, CEO and Deputy Master of the Mint; Fergus Feeney, Programme Director; Gavin Elliott, Commemorative Coin and Medals Unit Manager and Gordon Summers, Chief Engraver.  A large number of Royal Mint staff were involved in the day, providing invaluable support by way of escorting the crews whilst they were on site, demonstrating the various processes in the making of the medals and answering any questions the media had.

The media were provided with the time and resource to tell the story in the best way possible and the sense of history being made was impossible to escape. We can look forward to some really exciting PR coverage as a result of the time spent with the media yesterday – a news bulletin went out from the BBC at lunchtime yesterday, the story appeared on BBC1 Wales and ITV1 Wales last night and The Guardian have also run the story online. A really fantastic day for all involved!

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