The Olympic circulation 50p – the FREE collectable for London 2012

The 2012 Olympic Games held in London this summer have evoked feelings of excitement across the country. To celebrate this occasion, The Royal Mint released a set of commemorative 50 pence pieces for the public to collect.

In recognition of the national pride which the Games inspire, we decided to fully involve the public in the release by giving YOU the opportunity to design the coins. The competition was launched nationwide in 2009, giving people of all ages and professions the chance to design the reverse side of 29 sports-themed coins. This was the first time the Royal Mint had ever asked members of the public to design a coin!

The 27 winners of the competition come from all walks of life. Some were already familiar with the art industry, working in jobs such as architecture and design, but many other entered the competition as complete amateurs, such as delivery driver Shane Abery who designed the boxing coin, and wrestler-turned-policeman Rob Shakespeare who can now see his weightlifting design brought to life.

People of all ages were welcome to take part in the competition. 9-year-old Florence Jackson, who won the Blue Peter design competition, is the youngest ever person to have a coin of their own design released into circulation.

The fact that the coins have been released into general circulation means that everyone in the country can get involved in collecting, regardless of budget. All that is needed is to check your loose change and start gathering as many designs as you can. The collection is already proving hugely popular so we released a FREE London 2012 50p collector album to meet demand and shared our tips on collecting them on this blog.

The memories of the London Olympic and Paralympic Games will stay with generations of people in Great Britain for decades, and the 50p coin collection is the perfect keepsake.

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Our questions for YOU!

How have you enjoyed collecting the 50p coins in circulation?

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