Part 1 – The Royal Mint in 1953 – preparing for the Queen’s Coronation

Hidden in a dusty corner of our Museum archives sat several files of unassuming looking ‘Internal Office Notes’.

Dated from 1926, many of these yellowing old papers had not been read for years. With the historic events of 1953 in mind, we delved into the files. To our delight, this ‘time capsule’ of stories from inside The Royal Mint shed light on the events of 1953. The notes paint a picture of a Royal Mint excited by the prospect of the coming Jubilee celebrations!

You can view the original notes below. Here are our highlights from January and February 1953:

  1. Mint employees received a letter of thanks from the Mayor of London for their donation of £10 14 shillings and 7 pence to the George VI memorial fund.
  2. Seats to watch the Coronation procession were available in covered stands for £6 or uncovered stands for £4 (the weather turned out to be grey and cold, so covered seats would have been a wise investment).
  3. Royal Mint staff could apply to be allocated a window seat in one of the many Government buildings that lined the procession route.

Part 2 – The Royal Mint in 1953 – preparing for the Queen’s Coronation

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