Part 2 – The Royal Mint in 1953 – The Coronation approaches, excitement builds!

In part two of our series on the events of 1953 we move into February and March, just months away from the 2nd of June Coronation date.

(Continued from Part 1 – The Royal Mint in 1953 – preparing for the Queen’s Coronation)

Lots of things started happening across the Mint. We’ll leave you to read through the office notes to enjoy discovering them yourself, but we can’t resist sharing a few highlights:

  1. The winners of the coveted procession side window seats are announced.
  2. All members of staff get an unexpected day off for the Coronation (Not the case in 2013 sadly).
  3. The Master of the Mint authorises the award of a Coronation Crown Piece to all members of staff!

Part 3 – The Royal Mint in 1953 – The Coronation celebrations

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