The Royal Mint on The Alan Titchmarsh show

Below is yesterday’s Alan Titchmarsh episode. We’re on from 17.25 onwards if you want to skip ahead!

The Royal Mint’s expert and Senior Research Curator Graham Dyer talks about some of the commemorative coins from The Royal Mint, both past and present. Richard Bishop from Spink shows some older coins, including a Queeen Elizabeth 1 Sovereign.

If you would like to begin your own coin collection, or to add to your existing one, the brand new Royal Mint website has the following themed collectables to offer:

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  • Wow a £35,000 gold sovereign, I’m surprised they let Alan handle the coins to be honest. At one point in the video the spokesman from the royal mint says we don’t sell coins for investment, which I think is a real shame. I recently noticed that the Canadian mint has started issuing $20 silver coins in exchange for $20. I think something like this for UK silver investors would go down a storm.