The shape of things to come…UK 2013 coins from the Royal Mint

Update: all 2013 coins are now available…and they look incredible! To see all the designs and to buy collector quality version view Royal Mint 2013 UK coins at

The UK’s official coins and The Royal Mint’s collector offerings for 2013 will be announced shortly. We won’t reveal exactly what they are yet, but here’s a little teaser!

Feel free to guess or share what you’ve already heard!

The Royal Mint 2013 coin range

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  • Nick

    At least one of the £2 coins will be commemorating the 150th anniversary of the London Underground, I know that much.

    • A few of the coin themes are in the public domain. You should be able to find out what the 50p will be!

      • Nick

        The centenary of Benjamin Britten, I believe! Coronation of HM Elizabeth II for the £5 crown too, I think.

  • Nick

    I also spy a reference to a certain H.G. Wells novel that celebrates its 80th anniversary in 2013… (That’s it – I’ll let someone else have a go now!).

  • Simon

    Diamond Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II £5 pound coin
    100th anniversary of the birth of Benjamin Brittan 50p
    Two £2 pound coin commemorating the 150th anniversary of the London Underground
    £2 coin commemorating the 350th anniversary of the Guinea coin
    200th anniversary of the publication of Pride and Prejudice £5 coin
    If it occurs, £5 coin commemorating the birth of the first child of the duke and duchess of Cambridge
    Two £1 coins of an annual series decipting the flowers that symbolize each British country
    thats about it from me

    • Some very good guesses there!

      • steve

        have new london under gound coin with centre missed worth anything

  • Very excited about the £2 coins. A question – will the silver versions be released for sale at the same time as the others?

    • Hi Jonathan…the precious metals coins will be for SOME of the ranges, but not all.

  • I have a question… are they releasing new coins ?? top right look like coins at the moment but the giant coin looks new so gussing £5 coin??

    • Giant coins are for a new series. Very exciting stuff! :D

  • Tracy

    Nice work