This Father’s Day give a gift that revives the passion for collecting Royal Mint coins

Many people are introduced to coin collecting by an older relative, often a grandparent who has rediscovered their own passion for ‘the hobby of Kings’ later in life.

Some of life’s greatest memories of our parents and grandparents are those where they patiently introduce us to new and fascinating interests. This Father’s day, why not take the lead yourself, and ignite a passion for coins in your father?

Coins meet a variety of interests, incorporating elements of history, art, craftsmanship and collectability in a way that no other gift can. Coins also have value that remains undiminished by time or  fashion, and this means that a gift of coins is a gift that will be treasured forever.

Which coins to give?

Royal Mint Annual sets make a perfect Father’s Day gift. 2013 sets range in price from £25 for The 2013 United Kingdom Definitive Coin Set to £650 for the stunning and very limited 2013 UK Silver Proof Piedfort Coin Set. Regular Royal Mint customers may be invited to purchase even more limited edition sets made in gold, but these are rarely made available to the general public.

Annual Sets include all the circulating coins in Brilliant Uncirculated or Proof finish. These coins are of a higher quality than the ones in your pocket.

Royal Mint Annual Set

Mark the year

Every coin tells a story, and each year The Royal Mint chooses to commemorate themes that are relevant to British life at that time. While each coin is year dated, the Commemoratives mark historic events and people. In 2013 the stories behind our coins include the Queen’s Coronation, 150 years of The London Underground, the 350th Anniversary of the Guinea, the original decimal coin designs of Christopher Ironside and two new pound coins featuring the iconic national symbols of England and Wales.

What will you give…or receive?

Will you give your father coins this year? Let us know in the comments below, and share your stories of how you were introduced to collecting.

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  • steve

    father in law died 20 years ago i had his coin collection and have been hooked ever since i buy all my coins from royal mint espicially limited coins not for future value but to leave to my eldest daughter

    • jamesroyalmint

      That’s a fabulous reason to collect Steve! I hope she picks up the hobby from you.

  • Matt

    Used to collect them when I was a kid. Then stopped as my dad wouldn’t buy them me anymore. Since the Olympics last year and 50p collection I’ve started again.

    • jamesroyalmint

      I think the 50p collection got a lot of people interested again. There are just so many more coin designs out there now!

      • Matt

        Yes I totally agree, there’s so many different coin designs compared to when I collected them as a child.

  • Paul Whitaker

    I have bought a number of Royal Mint items over the years but never quite sure whether I should expect them to appreciate in value or simple enjoy them for what they are. One of my neighbours is an avid collector and travels the UK regularly to coin fairs etc to the point where he makes a very good living out of it. I assume he’s buying rare/old coins though and I’m not sure what relevance that market has to the collections Royal Mint is offering. Comments?

    • jamesroyalmint

      Hi Paul – we never sell our coins as investment pieces, always as pieces of collectable art. I think that’s an important distinction to make because, really, you should buy them to enjoy for what they are. Of course many coin collectors pay close attention to issue limits and numismatic importance, which enables them to build collections that appreciate in value.

      • Paul Whitaker

        James, thanks for your prompt response; I guess it’s pretty much as I thought – so as an avid art collector of artworks across the piece I will buy more Royal Mint issues in the interests of Art!

  • Joopy

    I had a coin bought for me by my parents to mark the queens coronation and equally started collecting for my boys now on certain occasions. The passion started with Wills and Kate’s wedding as it happened in the year my second child was born so I thought a good one for them and I will continue now to mark key occasions which coincide with their lives too!

    • jamesroyalmint

      The Royal Wedding saw thousands of people adding a coin to their collection. It’s the perfect purchase to mark such an event!