The UK’s rarest coins in 2014

Do you have a rare coin in your pocket? Ever since the news that the 2009 Kew Gardens 50p is the rarest UK coin design in circulation, there has been an increase in interest in the mintage figures and rarity of the coins that are currently in circulation. There are over 100 different coin designs in circulation, 98 of which make up The Great British Coin Hunt, and with mintage figures largely driven by demand from banks and cash centres, some are certainly rarer than others.


Click here to download the Wall Chart

Rarity is based on the mintage figures of United Kingdom decimal coins in circulation at 30 June 2014.

The 2009 Kew Gardens 50p leads the charts with a mintage of only 210,000. It is followed in second, third, fourth and fifth by four 2002 £2 coins. In 2002 four £2 coins were released to mark the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester. Based around the same core design, the coins are differentiated by the flags of the four constituent parts of the United Kingdom. The 2002 Commonwealth Games £2 with a Northern Ireland flag is the second rarest coin design in circulation with a mintage of 485,000. Third is the 2002 £2 coin that features the Wales flag, with a mintage of 558,500. Fourth is the 2002 £2 with the England flag, with a mintage of 650,500, and finally in fifth is the 2002 £2 with the Scotland flag with a mintage of 771,750. The rarest £1 coin, and ninth in our top 20, is the 2011 Edinburgh £1, which has a mintage of 935,000.

What’s the rarest circulating coin in your collection? Or how many of our Top 20 have you found? Let us know by tweeting using #coinhunt, or post a picture on our Facebook page. And keep on filling those collector albums!

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  • Gavin Bamford

    It would be easdy for Royal Mint to manipulate a new leader here. How is the decision on numbers to mint made?

    • Hi Gavin, mintage figures of circulating coins are based on demand from banks and cash centres. I will ask the circulating coin department if they have any more information. Many thanks, Dan.

  • Phil Preston

    Interesting article, but one question: Where does the undated 20p piece fit in?

    • Mike Liddle

      I wondered that. Ought to be second rarest, surely – they reckon there were fewer than 250,000 produced.

    • Hi Phil, good question. The undated 20p was a minting error not a commemorative design which is why it does not feature above. We do not know exactly how many were affected but it was less than 250,000, you can find out more about it here:

      • alan

        only 2 missing from your list of 20 Daniel

        • Which two are you missing Alan?

          • alan

            Both 2002 Commonwealth Games (Northern Ireland and England). Numbers 2 and 4 from your images Daniel

          • Gemma Mann

            I have the Northern Ireland one if anyone’s interested?

  • damit

    Wall chart does not print

  • Davie

    Open it with paint or suchlike, it will print from there.

  • Michael

    Got myself the rarest of them all!

    • Well done Michael! What about the others? How are you doing with them?

    • Les Kent

      Hi Michael
      and what coin is that please

    • Les Kent

      Hi Michael
      I sent a message to you about 6 months ago asking which coin was the rarest of them that you all you had but got no reply and
      I wondered what it was.

    • Sian Marie Curtis

      me too. I bought one last year for £16 as i wanted a full set of 2009 coins for my son. Very pleased now :)

    • Nicola Middlemass

      Hi Michael
      I have a 1998 £2 coin where the outer brass rim is reversed is it worth anything?

      • Grant

        No, it’s easy to tap the centre out and press it back in backwards with a vice, it’s also against the law

    • jan hudec

      Me 2….kew gardens

  • David Jordan

    When I click on download the wall chart it just flashes and that’s it, no download and therefore you can’t print off the chart. Am I doing something wrong or is the linkl not working properly? Tried several times, no joy

    • Did you have any joy with this David? The link should be working fine now. What browser were you trying to download on?

  • JTHenderson

    Hi, whee does the Claim of Rights 1989 £2 coin stand re Mintage numbers?

  • Hi JT and Terry. For the mintage figures of Commemorative £2 coins from 1986 – 1996, please see:

  • thank you for the suggestion. If you look in the left hand menu on this page: there are several options for mintage figures of collector coins. Do any of these contain the mintage figures you are looking for?

  • cronicle

    how many 1952 sixpences were produced?

  • Les Kent

    Has any collector heard of or have a standard proof £2 coin dated 1999 ?

    • Tiny

      I have acquired from circulation a 1998 £1.00 coin marked Queen Elizabeth the Second. There is no markings to say “which country it belongs to. But has “The Royal Shield” on the reverse.

      • Les Kent

        Hi Tiny
        this sounds to me, in fact I would say it was an English £1 coin dated as you said
        1988 the shield should have a coronet/crown on top and an inscription on it’s edge reading in Latin DECUS ET TUTAMEN this is a very scarce coin of a mintage
        of around 7 million (ish) but it is not rare.
        I hope this helps

        • Tiny

          Hi Les,
          Thank you for your reply to my question with regards to the £1.00. However, I have a 1988 coin that you have mentioned (a small shield with a coronet on the top) This £1.00 coin in question with Queen Elizabeth the Second is dated 1998 with a large full shield on the reverse similar to 2008 & 2009 £1.00 coins. The edge inscription is as you also say = DECUS ET TUTAMEN. Best regards Tiny

          • Les Kent

            Hi Tiny
            I am very sorry Tiny, I miss read your first message
            and I have to say you have got me there I have not heard of a shield £1 coin dated 1998 is there any chance of a couple of pictures the obverse and the
            reverse, I have two of every proof £1 & £2 coins but I don’t have that one, but I do have a few unique decimal £2 coins
            Sorry I could not help you BUT very interesting.
            This is my e-mail If you want to talk coins.

          • Tiny

            Hi Les, I think i may have solved my mystery. An old 1964 Penny in my assorted collection is from “Bailiwick of Jersey” and has the same inscription on its face- Queen Elizabeth the second” and i am assuming, that my £1.00 coin has a connection with the same place. I can not under stand why it can carry “our coat of arms” instead of Jersey coat of arms (as the reverse side on the penny). I will attempt to send you photographs for your comments. Best regards Tiny

          • Les Kent

            Hi Tiny
            I was just about to get back to you with the thought of your £1 coin might ( just might) be a mule but you think you may have it sorted.
            I collect and have every Jersey 50p coins but no £1
            and I am not sure IF they have the same inscription
            or if they have one If at all, that might be worth checking, good luck with it and please let me know
            Best regards

          • Les Kent

            Hi Tiny
            Have you had any luck with your 1998 £1 coin yet ?
            or do you still think it’s from Jersey.

          • Tiny

            Hi Les,
            The spinning is perfect (in line)
            The weight is spot on (Chemists scales)
            A. There is no Crinalage to any of the back grounds to the four shield quarters.
            B. There are no strings on the Harp.
            C. The milling around edge is twice the width of a normal coin.
            D. The TUTAMAN wording is far better done than any normal £1.o coin.
            Yes, its a fake Les. So i’m not as rich as i thought I was (so i shall have to cancel my new Car !!!) Iv’e not bothered to have it looked at by a dealer, but should you like to buy it let me know and i’m sure we can come to some sort of easy payments. Thank you Les for your time Regards (poor)Tiny.

          • Les Kent

            Hi Tiny
            I am sorry to hear that mate but I am not surprised
            I would not want it but if I found another I would keep it for the novelty only, but people do collect them put it on for £2 plus 80p P&P as a fake I think it would sell then put the money in the bank and in
            64 years or there abouts you can get your new car.
            That’s a plan but it’s not one of my best ideas.
            this might help, I believe you got it in your change.
            Well I bought a s rare set £600.00 when it arrived
            that was a FAKE so you see it could have been worse.
            Regards Les.

          • Les Kent

            Hi Tiny
            can you please tell me if you got my reply to this message. thank you

          • Tiny

            Hi Les:- No i didn’t receive a reply but i have sent pictures of the coins for you comments. Regards Tiny

          • Les Kent

            Hi Tiny
            I have since got back to you with two messages
            one starts, I was just about to get back to you,
            and the other is in a different place which says it
            IS English/British and it’s a MULE or it’s a FAKE, the queens head is right for the date but the shield
            was NOT, It was not designed until 2008 buy Matthew Dent.
            Your £1 coin is not from Jersey of this I am certain
            weigh another £1 coin and you mule make sure they both weigh the same and then do the spin check also check for any wear on the metal colouring but be very careful not to damage it as it may be a genuine mule but I doubt it.
            please let me know and good luck with it.
            Once again I hope this helps
            Best regards

      • RED

        This coin is indeed a mule, but is NOT authentic.
        It’s a fake. See my example below.

    • Terry McElligott

      The 1999 Technology £2 coin was produced in all 3 formats – circulated, 33,719,000, uncirculated and proof.

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  • Ricky Moss

    I have a commonwealth games £2 with Wales flag, being rare does it have any value?

  • Viorel

    I have 1penny 1994 GUERNSEY.I read that they were produced until 1990,after that,from 1998…mine is 1994.Can you tell me about it?And I have a 20p coin,with some errors…the earing of the queen is on her cheek,and she has a bulp in front of her nose,and in front of her neck…

  • Peter Lewis

    How about the earlier Trecentenary Claim of Rights Scottish £2 coin, I thought that was rarer than the Irish Commonwealth £2.

    I’ve had four of the Commonwealth coins in my change over the years,two English a Scottish and Welsh, but I’ve never had a Claim of Rights Trecentenary coin.

    I had to get hold of a very scarce collectors pack,paying £29 for the pleasure of ownership.

  • Peter Lewis

    How about the earlier design £2 coin.
    The Tercentenary Of the Bill of Rights.
    The Scottish version was called The Claim of Rights, and that is a very low mintage coin, and is not on the list.

    • Terry McElligott

      It won’t be on the list as it’s not a current circulating coin. It was withdrawn many years ago. The list above is for coins you will find in your change currently.

  • Peter Lewis

    I’ve just checked, the rarest coin,even rarer than the Kew Gardens 50p and considerably rarer than the Irish Commonwealth £2 coin, is the much earlier 1989 £2 coin celebrating the Trecentenary of the Bill of Rights.

    There were two versions, the English and Scottish version.
    The English coin was for the Bill of Rights and it’s quite common, but the incredibly rare, only around 336,000 minted was the only available in Scotland, Claim of Rights Coin.

    It’s this coin that should go top of the list.

  • Hi Tom, that 20p coin does sound strange, but without seeing it it’s hard to comment further.Here’s info on all coin designs: Hope that helps.

  • Adam NewFb Hopkinson

    hi everyone! i just wondered if you could help me,i have here a 2014″first world war” £2 coin and just wonderd how much this is worth please.

    • Hi Adam, thank you for your message. We don’t comment on the value of coins in the secondary market as we do not participate in it. We would suggest you try online auction websites or contact a BNTA member ( who will be able to advise you. Hope that helps.

  • Zac

    How much would a 1900 one penny with queen Victoria on the back be worth?

    • Hi Zac, thank you for your message. That sounds like an interesting coin, but we don’t comment on the value of coins in the secondary market as we do not participate in it. We would suggest you try online auction websites or contact a BNTA member ( who will be able to advise you. Hope that helps.

  • Geoff

    I have checked my collection and I have all of the coins listed in the top 20 rarest coins.

  • Geoff

    I would like to know why there are so many coins that do not have KM# or Y#
    I have over 700 without this reference number.
    How can I update my collection with these numbers?

  • Joanne

    Hi …wonder if u can help …I have Olympics coin not on there… It’s very new so probs not worth much? It’s a 50p and has a swimmer on it? Never seen this one before and it’s not on that list so I’m thinking there’s millions of them out there haha….. Thanks, Jo

    • Tom Owens

      If you show me it I will buy it from you

  • RubeliteOre

    Ooo, I have 4 from the 20 on the poster.
    Number 1, 12, 13 and 15 :D

  • Glen Bridgland

    I found a 1972 uncirulated machin first portrait 1 pence coin part of a set of coins, cannot understand if the date is mean’t to be to the right or left of the head? I can’t find any others like it…found it in my pocket change at a shop. Royal mint please publish a collectors guide! There were no 1 pence coins circulated in 1972 from my research – could be wrong, could be fake…

  • rob

    i have some and im just wonting to no if there rare or if things like this are rare eg i have a £2 coin were the metal has not been pollised of properly leaaving a bit of metal on the end of the queens nose making it look like she has a crooked nose or snot hanging from it depending which way you look at it lol; and others were the beading around her head is ether missing or crooked and out of shape as if its been printed on a angel so to say. and im just wondering if coins like this are rare. and also were i could find out more about rare miss printed error coins from as i have some 0.02p that have the new penny written on it instead of two penny and i no some of them are worth a lot and very collectable but unsure about what year it is that its rare. and this is starting to make me wont to learn about coins like this and to start to collect but i unsure were to start and what to look out for if some one could help a bit id appreciate it

  • Laura Coleman

    hi im just wondering how much would I get for number 17 and 20?

    • Unfortunately I cannot comment on the value of coins in the secondary market, but I’d advise checking online auction websites or asking a BNTA member (

  • Mark Watson

    I have a old one penny coin with no markings on one side .i would be graitfull for eny info on this

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  • Kush Singh

    I have that 50p kew gardens commemorative coin. Can any one tell me wht I do now?

    • I’d suggest keeping it Kush. Why not try collecting the others as well?

  • Calvin Hold

    the 1992 EC 50p is the rarest

    • Hi Calvin, the 1992 Single Market 50p is one of the older, larger 50p coins which are no longer in circulation. The chart above is for coins that are currently in circulation. But yes, the 1992 Single Market 50p had a mintage of 109,000.

  • Hi Rob, the athletics coin had a mintage of 2,224,000. All mintage figures can be found here:

    • Rob G

      Thanks Daniel, but the coin I refer to is different. The Athletics coin with a mintage of 2,224,000 was dated 2011, as are all the other London 2012 Olympics 50 pence coins. The one I am talking about was dated 2009 and produced in far lower numbers. It was produced in association with Blue Peter, the TV program, as the design on that coin was the winning design from a competition they ran.

      • Terry McElligott

        Rob; I too asked this question a while back and received the following information from Customer Services – The 2009
        Special Blue Peter Edition 50p coin is not included in the circulation mintage
        figures because it was not issued into circulation. The 2009 coin had an issue
        limit of 50,000 coins but only 19,751 were sold.

        I trust
        that this information will be of interest to you.

        I hope this is what you were looking for?

        • Rob G

          Thanks Terry, this is exactly the information i was looking for! It is in fact far rarer than i had thought! It seems obvious now that it would not be included in mintage figures, as it was not issued into circulation, but it does seem odd that there is no mention of it anywhere….

  • Tom

    I have 2 Kew Gardens 50p coins and a large collection of others. Building a nice set

  • Johnny Lassman

    I have a silver 1 pence coin.

  • Steven Tumilty

    I have a £2 coin with your country needs you on it just woundering how rare it is because loads of people are saying it is

  • Staffiez

    Wow! I got the Kew Gardens 50p given to me in a payment in the shop i run today, not knowing about it i gave it to my son as a “nice looking” coin. Couple of hours later he sends me a link to here Dang! :-( lol

  • Sian Marie Curtis

    is it true That The Lord Kitchener £2 coin had an error where the ‘Your Country Needs’ is unreadable and therefore rarer than those where you can read it? I ask because I have one of each!

  • E R

    hi, we have just found a load of old (BIG) 50p and 10p coins – any suggestions as to what we do with them please?

  • Garry Williams

    I had no less than 8 of those till the ex wife stole them of off me.

  • Christopher Benson

    The 1994 Royal mint trial edition was the first bimetallic uk coin with a very low mintage primarily for vending machine calibration. A fraction of kew gardens or the 1992 eec 50p

  • Anna

    I have one Northern Ireland Commonwealth £2 and two Scotland for sale

  • ree

    I have a £2 coin Mary rose with No date

  • Adam Morris

    Hello cam sum1 telle if this coin I’ve got is rare it’s a £2 Mary Rose coin with no date on

  • Jack

    Hello I think I may have a rare coin as I can’t not see a date on it, it is a £2 coin the mary rose two pound but it does not have a date on it….

  • Michael O’Connor

    I have a Mary rose £2 coin with no date on it can anyone help

  • Danielle Hill

    I have a 2p coin 1990 which has what looks like a miss cut there’s a oval shaped peice missing any ideas

  • Tom Owens

    Hi I have a Kitchener £2 coin which quite frankly is the worst coin I’ve ever seen (image/writing wise) there is even a raised strip of the centre metal running across Kitcheners throat amongst many other flaws. My friends tell me it must be a fake how can I prove it’s not? I can send pics. Thanks

  • Peter Lewis

    How many of the earlier design Tercentenary Claim of Rights Scottish £2 coins were minted.
    The coin was only issued in Scotland, with the rest of the Uk, having a coin to celebrate the Tercentenary of the Bill of Rights.

  • Tom Owens

    What do I do now? I have every one on the chart plus more. And what do I do with the coins? The funs kinda gone now as there is no more to find so do I keep them in hope they will be worth more in the future?

  • lee burton

    I have a Mary Rose £2 coin,I know it’s from 2011. But this one has no date & no writing around the side. Could this make it really rare? Could it be worth a lot??

    • Matthew

      Hi Lee
      What you likely have there is a forgery. Many are hitting ebay at the moment.
      Things to look out for;
      Does the raised surfaces of the coin appear ‘frosted’ (Proof like) and Is the edge writing missing.
      Compare the edge of your Mary Rose coin to that of a normal £2. You’ll notice that on your Mary Rose the lines are more spaced out. If this was an error, the edge lines would be the same

  • Peter Lewis

    The pre 1999 low circulation £2coins, the bulkier low circulation coins.
    There was one introduced to celebrate the Trecentenary of the Bill of Rights.
    Scotland had their own specially minted version,celebrating their Claim of Rights Bill.

    That coin,i believe to be even rarer or of similar mintage to the Kew Gardens 50p.

    The coin was only made available in the small presentation packs, and was unique to Scotland, never released in the rest of the UK.

  • Erin

    Question. I have a 1994 Bailiwick Of Jersey One Penny Coin with Queen Elizabeth The Second On The Front. There is a strange, S-shaped raise just under the word queen. I thought maybe it was a printing mistake, but I can find no record of such an error anywhere. Help?

  • Nicola Middlemass

    Hi I have a 1998 £2 coin where the outer brass rim is reversed is it worth anything ?

  • Mike

    why is the £2 coin 2014 YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU fetching big money on Ebay

    • John Hamer

      I would also like to know about this as our daughter has one and we have seen the huge prices on eBay.

      • Terri Ann Emsley

        It is due to the your country needs you not being easily read, also the dots around the queens head apparently don’t line up and most importantly the writing around the rim is upside down, it should read ok with the queens head facing up.

    • Apple

      Some of the WW1 £2 coins have an error, its the writing on the outer edge, its upside down. if you hold your coin with the queens head facing up, look at the writing on the edge should be the right way up, if it isn’t and u have to turn it to read it then that coin is worth something. 1 sold on eBay for £500. If the writing is the right way up it wont be worth much more than it’s face value.

      • Mike

        Many thanks for you’re reply Apple. I had forgotten all about my Q as it was nearly a year ago, I have 4 such coins and had placed them in my glass cabinet and forgot all about them, so when you replied I quickly went to check on them and found that three of them had upside down writing on the edge.

        • Apple

          Hi Mike, That’s fab news for you then, 3 you lucky thing. I’ve only got one, but it’s better than none : ) I’m holding onto mine for a while and in time they’ll become more sought after as most people who have them will hold onto them. Any collectors who don’t have one will then pay a higher price for them. Keep in touch about what you do with yours, I’d find it interesting to know if you sell them and price you got etc. . . or whether like me you’ll hold onto them.

          • Mike

            Thanks A, if I choose to sell them i will keep you posted
            Mike {-_-}/”)

      • Janette Pritchard

        I have one of these coins and I am unsure what to with it, have you a suggestion please ?

  • Gary Inkersole RE

    Can you tell me how many of the 1989 Claim of rights were minted, all i can find is the combined figures for both 1989 £2 coins

  • james

    Hi Michael
    I have a 1999 Rugby two pound coin-but around the edge there is only 999 the one is missing

  • Ben Thomson

    Hi I got a bailiwick of Jersey 5p coin is it rare???how much is it worth???

  • Andy

    I have the commonwealth games England £2 coin. How much is it worth?

  • Bradley

    I have found myself the 2011 Cardiff £1. The second rarest £1 commemorative coin after the Edinburgh one. How much is it worth.

  • Alan

    I have a rare coin its a 1983 two pence with new pence on it ,what’s it worth

  • pauline dunning

    who can i send a pic of my coin to that i found. i find it really hard to make out and just want to know what it is ..thanks

  • Chris Bradley

    hi I have a 1908 Edward V11 penny is it worth anything also a 1900 queen Victoria penny

  • Shaun Hunt

    I have a 1986 £2 coin is that worth anything? And also the missed spelt Guinea.. Is that worth anything.?

  • Dan Leyland

    I have got the 2014 the first world war. your country needs you £2 coin. can anyone tell me if it’s worth anything more than £2 lol.

  • Elliot

    I have a Commonwealth Games Wales £2

  • Les Eadie

    I have a £2 coin with the words “An act for the abolition of the slave trade ” it has 1807 on the back with a chain going they the zero and was minted in 2007. Is this worth anything ?

  • Jack Johnson

    I just found a Lord Kitchener £2 coin, is that worth anything? The print looks very poor, almost like it’s fake…is that possible?

  • Dean Bridge

    I have a 1998 Bailiwick of Jersey £2, how common are these? Found info on other coins, nothing about the £2 coin. Thanks for any info..

  • Hope Owen

    I have a 1998 bailiwick of jersey queen Elizabeth the second £1 coin, worth holding onto?

  • Andrew Kevin Hope

    What kind of two-pence is the middle one?
    I sort of cleaned the first two-pence and that isn’t the same colour. The two-pence furthest right is the same year (1989) and that isn’t the same colour either.
    Any help in identifying the metal would be great! :-)

    • Samuel Rogers

      I would advise to carefully clean coins as it can damage them. There is nothing special about the middle coin, it is just how the dirt has settled on it

  • Ryan jones

    Hi everyone I need some help as I have a lord Kitchener 2 pound coin with 4 minting errors on it and was wondering if anyone could tell me if it’s worth anything, the errors are 1. Upside down writing around the edge of the coin, 2. The word your country needs you is not readable, 3. The dots around the inner part of the silver bit go out onto the gold part, 4. The o In the you is out on to the gold and It should only be the u. Hope someone can help thanks. Ryan

    • darren

      did you get a reply ot his as I have one also

    • Samuel Rogers

      This is what the Royal Mint say about edging enscriptions:
      Sometimes the top of the edge inscription will be pointing towards the obverse of the coin and at other times it will be pointing to the reverse of the coin. There is no right or wrong way. The reason for this is because the edge inscription is rolled onto the coin blank before the blank is struck between two dies to impart the “heads” and “tails”. Depending how the blank falls into the coin press determines the way in which the design is struck in relation to the edge inscription. With ordinary circulation coins being struck at over 700 coins per minute it is simply not possible to ensure that each coin is struck with the edge inscription pointing in the same direction.

  • thomasl

    Hi I have three darwin two pound coins each ones different one has writing the wrong way round on the side.

  • Linsey Smith

    I have just found a £2 coin with Britannia on it, Is this a rare find?

    • Samuel Rogers

      They are meant to be worth about 10 pounds but are currently selling for 3 to 5 pounds

  • sara

    I have a miss pinted 50p is this worth anything?

  • Kevin Bowles

    Hi, I have a £2 magna carter coin with the inscription on edge upside down. Is this normal or am I rich lol

  • Toni

    Hi I have some unusual error coins, could someone kindly help me out please.
    would they be worth much or anything?
    thanks alot

  • Roy Tysall

    I have been saving £2 coins and 50p pieces toward my holiday I have nearly 800 quids worth quite a few have minting errors ,some misaligned dots some with writing upside down some with both are these worth anything other than face value

  • James

    Found a 2014 2 pound coin with writing all wrong . Upside down Queens Head everthing seems back to front I’m told it’s rare who do I sell it to ?

  • James

    Sorry ment queen looking the wrong way oops

  • James

    Outer rim is reversed also

  • Shirley Hill

    I have a misspelt £2 coin that reads Dound instead of pound, could anyone tell me if it is worth anything please

  • liam martin

    how much is the £2 your cuontry needs u worth plz

  • liam martin


  • Iain Smithson

    I have a centenary £2 coin with the writing on the side being upside down also the dots at the back of the queens head are on the gold bit is it worth anything

    • Terri Ann Emsley

      Is it the Lord Kitchener one with your country needs you? if it is i think this could be worth something

  • Bryn Dowsett

    I have 2 Northern Ireland coins and no Scotland coin in the 2002 Commonwealth Games £2 coin set is it worth anything. It hasn’t been tampered with either

  • Peter Lewis

    Does anyone know how many of the Scottish only Trecentenary of the Claim of Rights early £2 coins were minted.

    It’s very scarce, and must be one of the lowest in the series of coins minted at llantrisant.

  • Radu Barbu
  • Gemma sedgwick

    I have a two pound coin 2010 Florence Nightingale an the dots around the Queen’s Head side are missing from around 3 o’clock to 9oclock does anybody know how much it is worth

  • Rob Webster

    I have a two pound coin with lord Kitchener on for the ww1 remembrance, why are some valued at £400 and the others only under £100. How do i know if this one is valuable ? thanks

    • Terri Ann Emsley

      the your country needs is not legible, the dots around the Queens head are faded and most important the writing on the edge of coin should be readable with the Queens Head facing up, but on the rare ones its upside down.

    • Apple

      Hi Rob, some of the WW1 £2 coins are worth more than their face value, some have an error, its the writing on the outer edge, its upside down. if you hold your coin with the queens head facing up, look at the writing on the edge it should be the right way up and readable, if it isn’t and you have to turn it over to read it then that coin is worth something. 1 sold on eBay for £500. If the writing is the right way up it wont be worth much more than it’s face value.

  • Gloria Jackson

    i have found a miss strike 50p in my change today were the word fifty is it also has the word pence there too and on the other side it has 2 inprints of word fifty

  • Gloria Jackson
  • Leah

    My £2 Lord Kitchener coin is missing the end of the Y and O. Off ‘YOU’ Are all of them like this??

  • Brigid

    Hi, I have found a 2004 Menai Bridge £1 in my change. I have looked and it seems that this coin was minted in 2005. Not sure if this means I have got a counterfit coin or if I have a rare. Can anyone advise?

  • Scott Parry

    How much is a lord kitchen 2 pound coin worth with 3 printed errors on it anyone help email me at


  • cheryl-anne o’shea

    I have a £2 ww1 lord kitchener coin how do I find out if it’s rare? Thanks

  • Cherie Terrington

    Hi, I’ve got a 50p with the Victoria cross medal on the back from 2006.
    Anyone know how much it’s worth please.

  • Matteo Di Giammarco

    I’ve got some of those, i’ve also the wwf 50p 2011. Where can I sell them?

  • Jade Galloway

    I have the 2002 commonwealth £2 and also other rare coins such as 50ps as well x is it worth selling to collectors

  • jamie

    I have a coin that is the shape of a ten pence piece but says 5 on it is this worth anything dates 1971

  • Michael k
  • Thomas Mctaggart

    my rarest monetary item would be a new Polymer £5 note with the issue number of ZZ 000001
    I will not mention which bank issued it.

  • Naj Noo

    Hi i have a £1 coin with the queens head sideways (leek and daffodil) is it worth anything?

  • Pretoria

    Would anybody be interested in a £2 coin with the navy boat on it 2015

  • James

    Hey just curious but ive found a 2 pound coin, the navy world war 1 one.
    The weird thing to me is there is no writing on the side of it at all. Was just wondering if its a misprint or rare or just another version of the coin.

  • Nandan

    Anyone interested in buying the rare HMS Belfast 2015 coin?

  • Lauren Louise Chapman

    Is the 2014 £2 coin for world war 1, worth anything?

    • Apple

      Hi Lauren, some of the WW1 £2 coins are worth more than their face value, some have an error, its the writing on the outer edge, its upside down. if you hold your coin with the queens head facing up, look at the writing on the edge it should be the right way up and readable, if it isn’t and you have to turn it over to read it then that coin is worth something. 1 sold on eBay for £500. If the writing is the right way up it wont be worth much more than it’s face value.

      • Janette Pritchard

        I think I have one, what shall I do with it ?

  • Brad O’Connell

    How much is a Kitchener coin worth?

  • Hayley Bramhall

    Hello, I have a 2 pound coin with abut 3 errors on. Good circulated condition. Does anyone know how much these are worth?

  • Anthony

    Any one got any info on a 2007 millennium bridge £1 with the date reading 007 the 2 is missing?

  • Luke

    I’ve noticed a very clear error on one of the most recent coins that is not been mentioned anywhere i believe this is because it hasn’t been noticed who could i give this information to ?

  • George Watson

    I have a 1990 Bailiwick of Jersey 2p coin is this worth much?

  • Ian Taylor I

    I got this yesterday sorting through my grandads things, it has two values stamped on it. one sde says one penny the other side says half pence both stamped 1964, has anybody seen anything like this before.

  • Barry

    Error 1998 NHS 50p what is it worth some of the back i’s on the front

  • Barry

    1998 NHS 50pence some of the back is on the front can you tell me what it’s worth please

  • Becky Phelps

    i have a £2 brittania coin which has a definitive mis strike on it. is it worth anything?

  • Michele Simmons Russell

    I am sure hoping that somebody can help me. I have found a double headed British coin with Queen Elizabeth the second it’s when she was young and it is her on both sides of the coin it is very weather but very easily to read it looks like it was two coins glued together to make a pendant I guess. I did find an article about a double sided British coin with the young Queen Elizabeth on it and that is exactly what the coins look like they founded in Jerusalem I am trying to find anything because ours is in excellent condition and we have put it away for safekeeping but we don’t know where else to look

  • Laura

    Hi, I have found Lord Kitchener £2 with the edging on the wrong way round and also the text hasnt been fully applied so that the bottom of the Y is missing, also the dots edging the queens head are missing. Could someone let me know if this is a genuine minting area and worth any money?

  • Neil Savory

    Hi I have a silver 2p coin dated 2015 does anybody know if these are valuable

  • Keith jacobs I’ve got a 1988 Bailiwick Of Jersey Parish of Trinity £1 coin. Anyone help me out on the value or how rare it is? Thanks.