It’s the most wonderful time of year… for coins.

Although the main purpose of a coin is to act as a monetary item, a means to purchase something and to pay for items, our coins really are more than just money, especially at Christmas.

People can form an emotional attachment to coins for a number of reasons.  Perhaps they’ve found one from the year they were born or received a particularly shiny coin in their change from a prominent occasion like a first date, that they’ve chosen to keep.  Perhaps they were introduced to coin collecting by a loved one or view it as a way of saving for the future for their family.

Whether the coins are found in change or purchased as a commemorative coin to keep, we’ve put together out top nine things to do with coins this Christmas:

  • Personalise your Christmas crackers or dinner table with our A-Z coins, perfect to depict the initials of your loved ones this Christmas
  • Put a lucky silver six pence into your Christmas pudding
  • Start your children’s coin collections with a character BU.  We have Paddington, Peter Rabbit and The Snowman on sale, to name a few
  • Invest in the future.  With the value of sovereigns increasing year on year, treat yourself or someone special to a gift that keeps giving.
  • Mark the date.  With 2019 coins on the horizon, secure a 2018 coin to remember the year something special happened through a keepsake
  • Check your change – if you’re doing your Christmas shopping, keep an eye on your change and the beautiful (and rare) designs you might find in circulation
  • Go Gold! Follow in the footsteps of the wise men and gift gold this festive season (now locked in at 2018 prices so a great time to invest)
  • For Royalty enthusiasts, military fanatics or lovers of popular culture, we have great ideas for personal stocking fillers (and with the added benefit of authentic, educational packaging featuring

And finally…

  • Play heads or tails, to decide who does the washing up after Christmas dinner!

Have you got any more to add to our list?  Feel free to share these with us on social media using the hashtag #TreasureforLife

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