Your Collections: Jacob Darby

This year, The Royal Mint has invited coin collectors far and wide to share their collections with us and our Royal Mint blog readers. From old coins to new, commemorative to circulating, we’re getting to know more about you and your collections; from the whys to the whats, putting your collections in the spotlight in our new ‘Your Collections’ blog feature.

So far we have had a wonderful response to our Facebook request and have thoroughly enjoyed reading through your responses. In our first edition of Your Collections we introduced you to 42 year old Robert Durrant from Reading, and now, for our second installment we have 16 year old coin collector, Jacob Darby.

First of all, tell us a bit about yourself, name, age, etc.

I’m Jacob Darby and I am a 16 year old coin collector.  I have an interest in graphic design which made me get involved in coin collecting.


How long have you been a collector for? What/who got you in to coin collecting? Was it a particular coin/find?

I have been collecting coins since 2012, when I got interested in the London Olympic 50p coins. I was really interested in spending my spare money on the 50ps or rooting through all my change to try and find the missing 50ps from my collection. The 2012 Olympic fifty pence series really started my collection and got me wanting to expand my collection.

Is this a hobby that you wish to keep in the family?

I would like to keep coin collecting in my family in later life and pass down my collection to my family to get them excited by all the old intriguing designs.

Why coins? What is more important to you, the design/artistry, or the story behind it?

I started collecting coins as I liked the designs on the reverse. I like the designs that are striking and immediately catch my eye. As I study Graphic design I am interested in the coin images/designs and love looking through the new designs on The Royal Mint website for ones I can buy. However, I do also like historic coins due to the meaning behind the coin and generally how it has moulded how society is today.

What are your motivations for collecting coins?

I like collecting the coins when I have some spare money, and get the coins I like once I have saved up for them. My main motivation is knowing that once I have saved up, I will have the coins I want in my collection.

How do you collect? Do you have one big collection, or lots of smaller collections within a collection?

I have no real criteria on the coins I collect apart from how they look, however I generally do have more modern coins from around the year 2000 onwards.  In my collection I also  have an array of old coins passed down from my Grandad who sadly passed last year, so I was passed on his collection including Half-crowns, Three pences and other commemorative coins struck years before I was born. These coins are very close to me and I shall keep them throughout my lifetime.

My Collection sits in a coin book in my room, I keep all my collection in the book to help look after them and help display them.  In my book I arrange the coins so that coin values are grouped together from 50 pence through to the two pounds. Then at the side of my book I have a small collection of the more valuable coins like the £5 Remembrance coin from 2014 and the £5 for the 50 anniversary of Winston Churchill’s Death.


Do you have a favourite piece? Is it already in your collection?

My favourite piece is the 2015 £50 Britannia coin, I really like the look of this coin and think that it really stands out by its simple but detailed design.  The striking figure of Britannia on the coin’s reverse really makes it one of the nicest coins I have ever seen. I don’t own this specific coin so I would like to add this to my collection at some point.

Britannia £50
Jacob would like to own the 2015 Britannia £50
Jacob’s favourite piece from his own collection is the Wheelchair Rugby 50p from the London 2012 Olympic Series

My favourite piece that I already own is the Wheelchair Rugby 50p from the London 2012 Olympics. I’m really fascinated by the design on the coin while it also brings back good memories of when I went down to London and was fortunate to see the Paralympics in the Olympic stadium (as well as the coin being one of the shiniest!).

I really enjoyed the 2012 Olympic 50p series, so much so I completed two complete sets and have them on display in my room and still have a good handful of spares in my book of coins.

Jacob Darby - £2 and 50p

What would you like to add to your collection? Where do you find the coins? 

The coins that I am looking to get next are the brand new 2016 Shakespeare commemorative coins, these three are closely behind the Britannia coin as my favourite piece.  I am very excited by all the 2016 coins and will hopefully pick up a few throughout the year.  As my birthday is coming up, my small list consists of a few of the 2016 range, the rest will go on my shopping list to buy at a later date. I generally find the coins I like either on the Royal Mint Facebook page when I’m scrolling down my timeline or I also like to check out the Royal Mint website to check to see I haven’t missed any coins and to also buy the coins I want.

Shakespeare 2016 UK

With that in mind, do you think your collection will ever be complete?

I don’t feel my collection will ever end and I hope my collection never ends. As long as there are new coins being struck I will be looking out for these coins and purchasing them to add them to my collection or finding them in my loose change and realising that I’m missing this coin from my collection.

Would you ever like to design a coin? What would you like to see represented on a coin that hasn’t already been?

As I really enjoy graphic design and drawing it would be amazing if I ever had the opportunity to design a coin face, it would be amazing to see a design I had made on coins circulating around. I would like to see more sporting events commemorated on coins in the future and even more historic commemorative coins as they are always nice to see.

If you would like to shine a light on your collection and put it under The Royal Mint blog’s spotlight then please get in touch with us at, fill out this form, or, get in contact via our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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